I worked on The Encyclopedia of Dutch Black Metal over a period of five years, beginning in 1999, and published it myself early 2004. During those years I contacted a lot of people that were involved and knowledgable about the Dutch black metal scene. I established contact with many bands from the past and the present, and compiled all the information I could find into the only printed reference guide solely dedicated to Dutch black metal. The Encyclopedia of Dutch Black Metal contains extensive biographical and discographical coverage in English of over 200 bands, alphabetically ordered on more than 100 professionally printed, glossy, black and white, A4-sized pages, containing more than 60 illustrations and 150 band logo's...

Because the book roughly deals with the period before 2004, as of March 2005 I added photocopied updates with every encyclopedia ordered, in which I listed the new bands I discovered after its initial publication and additional material of bands that were in the book. Over the years the number of bands increased incredibly, but a more-or-less complete overlook of the scene can be found on this website. I admit it's really hard to keep track of everything and keep it all updated.

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View the revised introduction of the encyclopedia in PDF-format here

Late 2012 I stopped photocopying updates with book orders to leave that up to you. To complete the book you've ordered, go to the updates below and print them yourself.

View the first update from 2005 in PDF-format here
View the second update from 2007 in PDF-format here
View the third update from 2010 in PDF-format here

Expect to find a fourth update here in the -hopefully- near future


Not a preview, but a picture of the cover, back, and four well-picked pseudo-random pages:


These are the "news" items I posted on the website. As you see, I did this quite infrequently!

December 2013 You will probably have noticed that I have only scarcely updated the site, mostly with reviews, and a lot of stuff is (still) missing. It has been 9 years since this thing has gone viral and you can imagine that I don't have an unlimited amount of time to spend on this project and/or don't have a life apart from this. I will try to do updates more regularly, but don't hold it against me if I fail in this from time to time... Life is hectic as it is without the online world...

Keep checking out the music reviews, because that's where most updates will take place.

November 2012 Apart from the updates on this website, which have appeared rarely and unregularly because of other stuff I need to do, I have included a lot of new elements here during this latest update. All of them can be checked out in the menu on the left. I have also decided to lower the prices of the remaining books even further - simply because they're already from 2004. What I didn't yet do is put a lot of new bands and information on the site. I have mainly focused on hidden structural elements of the site and the new features.

PS. I was wrong about the status of my new book in November 2011. It's now being read by a second test reader, and is only now climbing towards its climax!

November 2011 It takes longer and longer to update this site regularly. It might have something to do with moving on to different projects and well -no denying here- job-and-family life. Still, I will try to regularly add reviews of music I have been given, traded, or bought. Nevertheless, I have been tidying things up behind the scenes and added a few features.

All the while, my new book Black Metal is Dead! Long Live Black Metal! is in its final stages, it's being read by friends, will have to be read for a grammar and spellings check, and I am still thinking about the proper way to release it (old-school magazine, glossy, book, audiobook, digital blog (the cheapest but least favourite one), whatever). In the meantime I have added an information page on this website, to be found in the menu on the left.

January 2011 After a long silence, I made some time in my schedule to do an update of the website. The most prominent new feature is that of short personal and 100%-subjective advise of every release I have encountered and/or collected. It rates from "Personal Favourite" to "Ignore This One!", and gives ratings of my personal enjoyment of the performance (riffs, vocals, drums, lyrics, ideology) and production (focus: how pleasing is the overall sound quality for this type of black metal?). They are listed at the releases of the bands. So, if there's no advise there, there's a good chance I have not yet encountered the music!

I have also decided to ad some important Satanic death metal bands in an impulsive why-the-hell-not moment.

PS. The book I started in August is already about 100 A4-pages of text, and it makes good reading, if I say so myself.

August 2010 I have started on a new book about the black metal scene (and its roots in other occult music), but this time I have not limited myself to the Dutch scene. I have taken on the quest to write a review of the global black metal scene as a whole - and in that way being the exact opposite of the objective local encyclopedia. I have tried to stay clear from a lot of information you can read everywhere in books and on the web and tried to make it into something completely different with more personal details, opinions, likes & dislikes, angles, quotes, and anecdotes. I have not yet any idea if there are publishers ready for this one!

April 2010 I have received a lot of positive feedback on the new lay-out, and the fact that - after all these years - it still is one of the easiest reference guides for those with a liking of Dutch black metal. This has encouraged me to keep adding bands, reviews, features, and to improve the design of the website. I have also renewed some of the items in the NLBMe Management section, which you might find interesting.

June 2009

Because Geocities is closing down most of its business, I decided it was time for a new and more professional Dutch location: www.nlbme.nl with a suitable new e-mail address: info@nlbme.nl.

I have also done major improvement on the overall layout of the website and the amount of content, which I had planned for a long time. Apart from adding a bit more color, I have also torn apart the "browse bands per letter"-section and re-assembled it into a "browse per band"-section. It might be something you like, or something you hate.

Apart from the obvious changes, I have also incorporated a lot of small revisions and additions, but they are naturally harder to spot - if spotted at all!

January 2008 I have finally done another update, and added a PDF-version of the book's revised introduction in the "About The Book" section. If there are any revisions later on, the PDF will change with them!

March 2007

I have decided to update the website with more elaborate information on the bands. I have done this in this a lay-out in which I merged the "Help The Writer"-section with the band index. Plus, I have added a personal music review section, which might be useful if you're hunting for good Dutch music!

I also decided, since the book was already three years old, and I still have enough of them left, to lower its price (more details can be found on the order form).

June 2005 I have already received the first reactions to my newest section. I want to thank everyone contributing - you make my time a little more effective!

May 2005 I have finally revised the website with some new information and developments! I have also added the important Help The Writer section! (this was later incorporated in the Bands-section)

February 2004

I have finally released the book and the website for the world to see!