Apocrypha (2002+)

Imminent Damnation

demo CD 2003

1: Abandoned Imprisonment
2: Faded
3: Suspended Animation
4: Genocide
5: Burial Sacrificial Disbelief

Jasper (drums)
Bart van Bussel (guitars)
Rudi (keyboards, vocals)
Giel (bass)
Gilles (vocals)

Apocrypha - The Summit Of Creation The Summit of Creation

demo CD 2007

1: The Summit of Creation
2: Baian Kara Ula
3: Brittle Soul Lost
4: Attempting to Unify Chaos
5: Rejoicing the Utter Black Bittterness
6: Withering Scorn Collision
7: All Shall Perish
8: Conviction

Bart van Bussel (guitars)
Rudi (synthesizers, clean vocals)
Baxy (bass)
Jasper (drums)
Manoloxx (vocals)