Choronzon (1987-1994)


demo TAPE 1988

1: Thelema
2: The Messe Noir
3: Death of an Anarchist
4: Hoathage Satain
5: World Cremation
6: Fistfull of Maggots
7: Falling into Misery

Choronzon - Megalithic Temple Megalithic Temple

demo TAPE 1992

1: Veni Satanas, Mors Sva Proxima Est
2: Megalithic Temple
3: The Evocation of Taphtartharath
4: Black Sunrise: The Coming Millennium of Black Satan
5: Black Metal / Acid (Sick and Demented version)

Templi Orientis (Leon Brink; drums, guitars, keyboards, backing vocals)
Mysticus Erratus (John Norda; bass)
Advocatus Diabolicus (Erik Bleeker; vocals)

Choronzon - Aiwass Aiwass

split demo TAPE 1993: Choronzon / Ostracised

1. Intro: Behold!
2. Aiwass
3. The Serpent Face
4. Blinded by the Athame
5. Thy Fallen Kingdom
6. Key of Solomon (Instr.)
7. Aiwass (Evil Remix)

Visions of Diabolical Existence

demo TAPE 1994

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