Dark Sorceress (1993-1995)

Cirith Gorgor (1995+)

Cirith Gorgor - Mystic Legends Mystic Legends...

demo TAPE 1997

1: Mystic Legends...
2: Darkness Returns
3: Winter Embraces Lands Beyond
4: Shadows over Isengard
5: Perishing Nights (A Nocturnal Gathering)

Levithmong (Roel Berger; drums)
Lord Mystic (bass)
Nimroth (vocals)
Asmoday (Chris van Klooster; guitars)

Live Baroeg Rotterdam 26/04/'97

bootleg demo TAPE 1997

1: Intro
2: Perishing Nights (A Nocturnal Gathering)
3: Through Burning Wastelands
4: Consume the World of Light

Cirith Gorgor - Onwards To The Spectral Defile Onwards to the Spectral Defile

CD / picture LP 1999 by Osmose Productions

1: The Declaration of Our Neverending War
2: Winter Embraces Lands Beyond
3: Through Burning Wastelands
4: Sons of the New Dawn
5: A Hymn to the Children of Heimdall
6: Darkness Returns
7: Wandering Cirith Gorgor
8: Ephel Duath (A Warrior's Tale)
9: Shadows over Isengard
10: Thorns of Oblivion

Levithmong (drums)
Lord Mystic (bass)
Nimroth (vocals)
Astaroth Daemonum (guitars)
Asmoday (guitars)

Cirith Gorgor - Unveiling The Essence Unveiling the Essence

CD 2001 by Osmose Productions

1: Conquering the Shadowworld
2: Unveiling the Essence
3: Bellum Germanicum
4: Northern Spell of Warcraft
5: Into a Nightly Silence
6: A Twilight Serenade
7: The Stormrulers (The Art of Megalomania)
8: Visions of a Distant Past

Levithmong (drums)
Lord Mystic (bass)
Nimroth (vocals)
Marchosias (guitars)
Astaroth Daemonum (guitars)

Cirith Gorgor - Live At 013 Tilburg Live At 013 Tilburg

bootleg CD 2001

1: Intro
2: Northern Spell of Warcraft
3: Wandering Cirith Gorgor
4: A Twilight Serenade
5: Conquering the Shadowworld
6: Darkness Returns
7: Bellum Germanicum

Cirith Gorgor - Demonic Incantation Demonic Incarnation

promo CD 2002

1: Arcane Illusion
2: The Firestorm Apocalypse
3: Eternal Damnation
4: Infinite Consecration

Levithmong (drums)
Lord Mystic (bass)
Nimroth (vocals)
Heer Marchosias (guitars)

Cirith Gorgor - Through Woods Of Darkness And Evil Through Woods of Darkness and Evil

7" SINGLE 2002 by Ketzer Records / Regimental Records

1: The Firestorm Apocalypse
2: Infinite Consecration

Cirith Gorgor - Firestorm Apocalypse

Firestorm Apocalypse - Tomorrow Shall Know the Blackest Dawn

CD 2004 by Ketzer Records
double CD 2012 re-release by Ketzer Records

1: The Gates of Hell
2: Degeneration of Mankind
3: Arcane Illusion
4: Prelude to the Final Holocaust
5: Fields of Eternal Glory
6: Perishing Nights
7: Eternal Damnation
8: Firestorm Apocalypse - The Coming of a Greater Era

re-release bonus CD
1: The Devil's Ancient Disciples
2: Total Annihilation
3: The Black Hordes
4: Warcry of the Southern Lands
5: Arcane Illusion
6: Firestorm Apocalypse
7: Eternal Damnation
8: Infinite Consecration

Levithmong (drums)
Lord Mystic (bass)
Nimroth (vocals)
Heer Marchosias (guitars)
Inferno (guitars)

Cirith Gorgor - Split with Mor Dagor Split

split SINGLE 2006: Cirith Gorgor / Mor Dagor

1: Demonic Incarnation

Cirith Gorgor - Cirith Gorgor Cirith Gorgor

CD 2007 by Ketzer Records

1: Total Annihilation
2: The Black Hordes
3: Demonic Incarnation
4: Ritual
5: Master of Dark Sorcery
6: Warcry of the Southern Lands
7: Der Untergang / Der Sieg!!!

Levithmong (drums, vocals)
Lord Mystic (bass)
Marchosias (guitars)
Inferno (guitars)

Der Untergang...

CD 2011 by Untergang Records

1: The Road to Stalingrad
2: The Battle of Stalingrad
3: Epilogue: When Wolf Becomes Sheep
4: The Battle at the Volga River
5: Reclaiming of the Soviet Union
6: Prelude to a New World Order
7: Epilogue: The Road to Berlin
8: A Tidal Wave from the East
9: Enemy at the Gates
10: The Battle of Berlin
11: Der Untergang...

Levithmong (drums)
Lord Mystic (bass)
Nimroth (vocals)
Marchosias (lead guitars, rhythm guitars, acoustic guitars)
Waldtyr (rhythm guitars)


LOGO: Dark Sorceress