Quaet Gespuys (2004-2006)

Quaet Gespuys - Grauwe Geschriften Grauwe Geschriften

demo CD 2004

1: Satans Dienaar
2: Engelen des Doods
3: De Waterput
4: Ekster

Dwaling (bass)
Somberling (drums, vocals)
- other alias: D.V.
Sielknaegher (vocals, guitars)

Sometimes a band's inspiration is so obvious it makes you wonder whether every new guitar riff, every drum break and rhythm, every singing line you hear is either a blatant copy or a respectful tribute. Grauwe Geschriften is a release that leaves you dangling in the middle of these two. It's obviously linked with Darkthrone's Under a Funeral Moon, including that album's low production standard, bare and basic atmosphere, and straight forward style. It's also a bit different (but only slightly), with a less raw sound, more bass, even a (crappy) guitar solo in Satans Dienaar, and alternating riffs that rip-off Darkthrone and find inspiration in Darkthrone. It never is cutting edge (whereas its role model was at the time), but that's not a black metal prerogative. On the other hand, most bands look at Darkthrone's Transilvanian Hunger or A Blaze in the Northern Sky for inspiration, which makes this one quite enjoyable.

Review: NLBMe Exclusive, October 2014.

Quaet Gespuys - Massagraf Massagraf

demo split CD 2006: Woudgilde / Quaet Gespuys

1: Intro / Massagraf
2: Galgenacht
3: Woud der Bannelingen
4: Orgel des Verderfs
5: Een Vroom Man
6: The Gate of Nanna
- Beherit cover

Dwaling (bass)
Sielknaegher (vocals, guitars)

Corozain (2006+)


demo 2007

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D.V. (bass)
Dwaling (drums)
Sielknaegher (vocals, guitars)


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