Dašth Shadow

Dašth Shadow - Crowns for Kings Crowns for Kings

CD 2009 by Osmose Productions
classification: black death metal

1: Untitled
2: The Great Sabbath
3: Servant of L.C.F.
4: Dominus Diabolus
5: Crowns for Kings
6: Veni Omnipotens Aeterne Diabolus
7: Anthem of Death
8: Blood of Qayin
9: For Him
10: Nicolstreet 1888
11: Through the Dark Waterfalls

Six (drums, samples, vocals)
Nahash (vocals)
Neb-Heru (vocals)
ZLT (narratives, samples)
Inem Trah (guitars, bass, samples)
Y-Soth (guitars)
I-Nferii (guitars)

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