Inri (1999-2004)

Inri - Entangled In A Paradox Entangled in a Paradox

demo CD 2002

1: Oblivion Awaits
2: Lost in a Persevering Void
3: A Moral Vulture's Slavery
4: Longing for the Past

Yorick van Steenis (keyboards, vocals, bass)
Bart Hereijgers (guitars)

Deleterious Effect (2004)

Deleterious (2004+)

Deleterious - Suspiciously Close To Infinity Suspiciously Close to Infinity

demo CD 2007
classification: black death metal

1: 3
2: Divine Interference
3: In Dying Motion
4: Quip ‘n’ Quail
5: Death Is Just the Way I Composed It

Bart Hereijgers (clarinet, guitars, vocals)
Yorick van Steenis (guitars)
Martine Sipma (bass)
Melvin Buskermolen (drums)

Highly Recommended

demo CD 2010
classification: black death metal

1: Requiem in Blue
2: Brick Freezing Lunacy
3: Introspectacle
4: Extrovertigo
5: Temporarify

Bart Hereijgers (vocals, guitars, clarinet)
Yorick van Steenis (guitars)
Steven van Lint (bass)
Richard Japenga (drums)

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LOGO: Deleterious Effect