Delinquentes Infernae (1999+)

Delinquentes Infernae - Crime Orgy

Crime Orgy

demo CD 2003
3" mini-CD 2008 re-release
by Svartgalgh

1: Visions
2: Armageddominion
3: With a Satanic Aspect

Helldelinquent (vocals, drums, bass)
Captain Holland (guitars)

Satanic Terrorism has yet another new face to show you. In the past we have seen the likes of Absurd, Burzum, and (parts of) Emperor giving in to this demonic black metal urge, and now we have the illustrious Dutch duo Delinquentes Infernae to continue on this path (keep checking the newspapers, they might pop up somewhere, if nowhere else the obituaries). This band consists of the oddly named Captain Holland (Is it a plane? Is it a bird? No... It's my favorite superhero-named black metal action figure Captain Holland!) and Helldelinquent (who's no captain, I think, but is somewhat 'known' for small lyrical contributions to the weird band Lanz). Although the band has already announced to have finished all activity after the release of Crime Orgy, and it seems nothing more than 'yet another black metal side-project' at first glance, we are in fact dealing with extremely strong black metal material here, that reminds me a damned lot of Darkthrone's magnificently sick Panzerfaust album ("Eight miles deep the well forgotten by mortals"). Visions, Armageddominion, and With a Satanic Aspect are all catchy and well written pieces of Black Art, with mainly pure old-school riffs, great vocal work, a real cool demo production, and a grim atmosphere that a lot of bands of today can only wish for (or at least, would wish for if they had any knowledge of this original black metal grimness). Even though I think it's a shame the captain and his delinquent minion have already put Delinquentes Infernae into deep freeze - a respectable statement it remains though - it is very rewarding trying to get a copy of this mini-demo on cdr.

Review: Black Art Magazine #10, 2009.


demo CD 2010

1: The Sham Spore
2: Ontkerstening
3: Rain of Sulphur

Helldelinquent (vocals, drums, bass)
Captain Holland (guitars)

When I heard Delinquentes Infernae was back in the studio to record a follow-up demo, my anticipation for their new material was quickly triggered. They had once proclaimed the band to be a goner, but almost seven years later took the time to dig up the old corpse amd release - yet again - a short but worthy old-school sounding demo. I then received the request to photoshop together the cover, which is the striking image of Lady Justice holding the head of Jesus instead of the usual scales. Fuck, where do they come up with this excellent stuff! Even though the sound of this second release is hardly as good as on Crime Orgy, it still delivers that early 1990s feeling, when black metal wasn't known by every 10-year old with a Korn logo on their jacket. Amidst the somewhat dusty demo sound, you can clearly hear that the compositions are original and at full strength - leave that to the skills of Captain and Delinquent. I guess we'll have to wait 'till 2017 for the bands follow-up, but hey, I already know I'm going to like it!

Review: NLBMe Exclusive, April 2012.