Goatlord (1997-2002)

Dimensional Psychosis (2002-2009)

Dimensional Psychosis - Magical Matrix Of Dimensional Continuum Magical Matrix of Dimensional Continuum

CD 2003 by Asphyxiate Recordings

1: Matrix Mindscan Transition (Wormed Beyond)
2: Psychedelic Blackish Psychosis (Eternal Magick Unfolds)
3: Paradoxal Hologram from Sirius I Am (Universal Symbiosis)
4: Eerie Spiritual Vulture (Disconnected from Gravity)
5: Trapped in the Infinity of Limbo-Dimensionism (Humanoid Limits Erased)
6: Virtual Spectrum of Extensive Transparancy (Visualize Transcendental Dreamscapes)
7: Choronzonic Evilution of Genius Dementia (Futuristic Intelligence of Ancientness)
8: I Am the Cosmic Storm Raging (Ultimate Chaos in Infinity)

Mysteriis (drums)
- alias of Dennis Mulder
Gorthaur (guitars)
Trol (guitars)
- alias of Matthijs Verbeek
Gollum (keyboards)
Mott (bass)
Dumah (vocals)
- a.k.a. Helvraet

Architecture of Realities

CD 2009 by Daemon Worship Productions

1: Terminal Intensity
2: Kaleidoscope Reversed
3: Singularity
4: Vortex Generator: Intergalactic Overdrive
5: New World Disorder
6: Stagnated in Dimensional Quantum
7: Astral Abortion
8: Untitled

Mysteriis (drums, effects)
Trol (guitars)
Gorthaur (guitars)
Gollem (synth, effects)
Kruid (bass)
- alias of Herbert Kats


LOGO: Goatlord