Dodenkrocht (2006+)

Dodenkrocht - Zwijgend Als Het Graf

Zwijgend als het Graf

demo TAPE / CD 2007

1: Memento Mori
2: Automortagraphy
3: Geestverscheyn
4: Voices of the Unknown Dead
5: Weeklaag van de Wind
6: Dodenkrocht
7: As Silent as the Grave

T (instruments, vocals)
- a.k.a. Terger / alias of Stijn

Malebolge Opens

demo CD 2011

1: Intro
2: Bloodworship
3: Light of the Martyr
4: A Throne Above
5: Malebolge Opens
6: Revelations of the Morning Star
7: Entity
8: Seance

T (drums, guitars)
S (bass)
- alias of Anouk Verwers
J (vocals)
- alias of Jan Bieseman

In the summer of 2011 I received Dodenkrocht's CD Malebolge Opens for review, a self released beautifully digipacked debut album containing eight tracks (of which two are bonus... Digipack only? CD only? Promo only? That's not really clear...). I promised to review it a.s.a.p., but of course it took me a while longer. That won't cancel out the fact that this release is really good! The production is dark and takes me back to the days I first heard Abigor's best one, Nachthymnen, although this is a bit more brooding and 'intimate'. That must have something to do with the drums that are mixed down a bit to give way to the clear sounding guitars and a humming bass guitar. The vocals sound good and varied, but - to my tastes - lean just a little too much on death metal grunts. The music on the album has enough variations in tempo to keep your attention, and both the fast and the slow parts are performed very proficient. Some of the riffs I hear are not the most original, but their careful placement into the songstructures makes up for this; they are often combined with ones that are original. There are lots of classical and atmospherical interludes that do justice to the band. I am really glad this band decided to send me their album. Dodenkrocht is one of those few bands that really deserves to be picked up by a label.

Review: NLBMe Exclusive, November 2011.

Misery Chords

demo CD 2012
LP 2013 re-release
by The Ritual Productions

1: Devoid
2: Voices of the Unknown Dead
3: Wake the Dead
4: Lifeless Lies the Desolate Land
- Manes cover

Terger (drums, studio guitars)
S (bass)
J (vocals)
H (guitars)
W (guitars)
- alias of Wolf Josten