Dodenrijk (2008-2011)

Dodenrijk - Magick Rituals VII The Magick Seal Magick Rituals VII: The Magick Seal

split 3" CD 2008: Wolfsduister / Pyr Exoteron / Dodenrijk by Svartgalgh Records (limited to 33 copies)

3: Tsjerkhof

Perkuno (bass)
- alias of Andry
Deadsangst (drums)
- alias of Sjouke
Fjoer (guitars)
- a.k.a. Zuypschuyt / alias of Alwin
Haetspuijerij (vocals)
- alias of Marcel

Dodenrijk - Ritual From Old Ritual from Old

mini-CD 2009 by Smell The Stench (limited to 66 copies)

1: Intro
2: Heritage of Pagan Blood
3: Death
4: Buried in the Fog
5: Outro

Perkuno (vocals, bass)
Fjoer (bass, guitars)
Hæresiarch (guitars)
- alias of Sabastian

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