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Dog In Pain (1993+)

A Tribute to Max P. Beaver (1975-1997)

demo TAPE 1997
classification: experimental

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Dog In Pain - A Tribute to Max P Beaver

A Tribute to Max P. Beaver (1975-1997)

demo CD 1999

1: Intro
2: The Fuck You Song
3: Hoer 4
4: Zo fris als een hoentje
5: We lopen Paars aan
6: Machtswellust toont diepe rouw
7: A Tribute to Max P. Beaver
8: Encircled by Friends
9: Kut, ik heb de bus gemist
10: Hoer 3
11: Pygmalion
12: Een kist
13: We lopen Paars 2 aan
14: Let It Rain
15: Hiding My Face
16: Hoer 1
17: Free Varg Vikernes
18: Deathcrush
- Mayhem cover
19: Dog in Pain
20: Sewercide
21: 24 rozen
22: Systematisch gemarteld
23: Jezus ter plekke
24: Outro
25: Bonusnummers

Review: I received this demo cdr from the hands of musicians Klaas and Martijn during a Mayhem concert, with the remark that it sucked! I listened, and found out the Dog In Pain delivers what it promises. This tribute (dedicated to band member Max who killed himself in 1997) contains 25 songs of nihilistic noise (black?) 'metal' in chaotic rehearsal quality. Much of it is even improvised material, but somehow manages to enjoy me nevertheless. The Fuck You Song, Zo fris als een hoentje, Free Varg Vikernes (a song even Vikernes himself hated!) and the Mayhem cover Deathcrush are the most 'outstanding' songs of this unconventional release. Certainly not something for the average black metal fan of today - you will have to be really weird to cope with Dog In Pain. I bet most of the people cannot swallow this!

Source: Black Art Magazine #4, 2001.

Dog In Pain - Pygmalion


demo CD 2001

1: Pygmalion (studio)
2: Machtswellust Toont Diepe Rouw (studio)
3: Machtswellust Toont Diepe Rouw
4: The 'Fuck You!' Song
5: Let It Rain
6: H3
7: Encircled By Friends
8: De Regering Valt En We Lopen Paars Aan
9: Dog In Pain
10: Sewercide
11. Ter Plaatse
12: Pygmalion (1994)

Dog In Pain - Pygmalion


demo DVD 2001
contains movie called Pygmalion

1: Pygmalion