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Inferi (1993-2000)

Inferi - Inferi


mini-CD 1995 by Black Arts (limited to 500 copies)

1: December (Cry for War)
2: Within the Winds of Torment
3: In the Sign of Chaos
4: Beyond the Stars of Nar Mattaru

H. Xul (guitars, vocals)
- a.k.a. Hellchrist Xul
I. Xul (bass)
- a.k.a. Isjnah Xul
Y. Xul (drums)
- a.k.a. Xul, alias of Yuri Rinkel

Siren Voice of the Ancients

unreleased mini-CD 1997 (appeared on Funeral Winds' Godslayer Xul re-release CD).

1: The Raven's Son
2: December (Cry for War)
3: Siren Voice of the Ancients
4: In the Sign of Chaos

H. Xul (guitars, vocals)
I. Xul (bass)
Y. Xul (drums)
M. Xul (guitars)
- alias of Marco

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Domini Inferi (2001+)

Domini Inferi - In nomine Domini Inferi

Domini Inferi - In nomine Domini Inferi

In nomine domini inferi

demo CD 2002
TAPE 2004 re-release
by Satanic Propaganda Records
classification: industrial black metal

1: Domini Inferi (Part I)
2: Bitter Venom of Blackened Doom (End the Ways of Jesus)
3: Cult of Death
4: In Nomine Domini Inferi
5: Blood Harvest
6: Desecration Ritual
7: Veinen
- VON cover
8: Domini Inferi (Part II)

9: Shub-Niggurath Ye Black (The Black One Shall Come Forth) - re-release bonus track

H. Xul (instruments, vocals)

Review: Funeral Winds founding man Hellchrist Xul has resurrected his band Inferi as the solo project Domini Inferi, releasing this extreme demo-CD January 2002 as its first sign of chaos. The music has changed to perhaps the extremest form of black metal - that of early Beherit. In about 18 minutes eight songs of heavily distorted Satanic music burst through your eardrums, including the great Von cover Veinen. This will not be everybody's musical preference, but it is mine, and I can only hope the upcoming songs will be even more extreme.

Source: Black Art Magazine #5, 2002.

Domini Inferi - Acts of Excrement Terrorism... on the Holy Trinity

Acts of Excrement Terrorism... on the Holy Trinity

split 7" EP 2003: Domini Inferi / Botulistum by New Era Productions

1: In His Name...
2: Unholy Shit Baptism
3: Bestial Penetration of the Holy Virgin Mary
4: ...We Are

H. Xul (instruments, vocals)

Domini Inferi - Devil Cult

Devil Cult

CD 2006 by Sadolust
classification: industrial black metal

1: Devil Cult
2: Under His Will
3: Prayers
4: In Obedience
5: A.M.X.G.
6: In the Name of Satan
7: Legions
8: Give Praise to the Devil
9: Ignis Magnus Aeternus

H. Xul (instruments, vocals)

Review: Devil Cult is without doubt one of the darkest things ever to emerge from the Dutch black metal scene – and I have seen a lot of this scene come and go! This sure beats the hell out of all those regular 'evil' black metal bands all over the world, that are convinced that they have what it takes to be ranked at the top of the genre, yet bore people with more plastic discs and mp3's sounding similar to a multitude of other releases. Domini Inferi is very different! People familiar with the In nomine Domini Inferi material and the brilliant split 7" ep, will know what I mean. And I guess they will probably like Devil Cult even better. Hellchrist Xul has pushed the boundaries of his band a step further, and offers a pitch black and aggressive, but also very versatile album, that easily steps from noise to Hellhammer to dark industrial to Beherit and back again. But whatever the main musical influence may be, it all comes down to pure darkness in honour of Satan! The album is finished off with yet unrivaled visual blasphemy; both the photographs and the videoclip added to the cd are pure evil! I am sure a lot of 'black metal fans' won't be able to grasp most of it, but I am sure that accessibility was not a reason for this music to be created… Some things just have to come into being! And a lot of times, like it is the case with Devil Cult, they are the most worthwhile! Just released, but already a classic!

Source: Black Art Magazine #10, 2009 (written March 2007).