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Dystopia (2004-2008, 2012+)

Dystopia - The Last Assault The Last Assault

demo CD 2006
classification: death black metal

1: Prepare for War
2: Total Annihilation
3: Towards the Ascension
4: The Land Where the Sun Sets
5: Lost Ways
6: Retaliation

Dystopia - This Means War This Means War

demo CD 2007
classification: death black metal

1: Chaos Incarnate
2: Imperator
3: Devastator

Xaoç (drums)
- alias of Cees de Wit
Dennis Onsia (vocals, guitars)
Isaron (guitars)
- alias of Rebecca Nauman
Willem Jan van Leeuwen (bass)

Dystopia - Decay

Dystopia - Decay


demo CD 2012
TAPE 2013
by Zwaertgevegt

1: Intro
2: Sovereign
3: Ascension
4: Merciless
5: Dies Irae
6: Game of Minds
7: Devastator
8: Retaliation

Cees de Wit (drums)
Dennis Onsia (vocals, guitars, bass)

Review: Skip the intro track - a little song that has hardly anything to contribute - and enjoy Decay for the death metal release it actually is - don’t be fooled by the black metal vocals, this is death metal. The sound still has hints of black metal at times, certainly when the open chords incorporate the high notes of the fret board - the kind encountered by the more popular black-turned-death bands that exist. Personally I am not that fond of the style I hear - it just doesn’t strike any nerve at all - but the band has the necessary skills to pull this genre off. I am sure there plenty of people that can have a go at this...

Source: NLBMe exclusive, March 2018.

Dystopia - Haat Haat

demo CD 2013

1: Peace through Power
2: Bound to Annihilate

Bob van Deutekom (bass, backing vocals)
Cees de Wit (drums)
Rick Jongman (lead guitars, backing vocals)
Dennis Onsia (vocals, guitars)

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