About the book

I worked on this book over a period of five years, beginning in 1999, and published it with my own hard earned cash early 2004. During those years I contacted a lot of people that were involved and knowledgable about the Dutch black metal scene. I established contact with many bands from that time and before, and compiled all information I found into the only printed reference guide solely dedicated to Dutch black metal. The Encyclopedia of Dutch Black Metal contains extensive biographical and discographical coverage in English of over 200 bands, alphabetically ordered on more than 100 professionally printed, glossy, black and white, A4-sized pages, containing more than 60 illustrations and 150 band logo's...

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The downloads

View the revised introduction of the encyclopedia in PDF-format here

Because the book roughly deals with the period before 2004, as of March 2005 I added updates, in which I listed the new bands I discovered after its initial publication and additional material of bands that were in the book. You can print them at home, as add-ons to the book, since they cannot be ordered.

Get the first update from 2005 in PDF-format here
Get the second update from 2007 in PDF-format here
Get the third update from 2010 in PDF-format here