Fenris (1997+)

Fenris - Words Of The Ascended

Words of the Ascended

demo TAPE 1998
classification: Viking metal

1: Words of the Ascended
2: The Call Has Come
3: Through the Twilight Mist We See
4: The Burning of the Non-Believers

Gilbert de Rooy (vocals)
Bas Westdorp (guitars)
Vasco Lub (bass)
Paul van der Zouwen (drums)

Fenris - Offerings To The Hunger

Offerings to the Hunger

CD 2000 by Teutonic Existence / Firebreath
classification: Viking metal

1: The Coming of Asatru
2: Offerings to the Hunger
3: As Wolves They Came
4: The Blood Opens Gateways
5: Fier Is de Wind
6: Zonen des Storms
7: Destroyer of Worlds

Gilbert de Rooy (lead vocals)
Arjan Griffioen (drums)
Walter Romberg (keyboards)
Vasco Lub (bass)
Bas Westdorp (guitars, vocals)


promo CD 2004

1: Heilland
2: Suffering Predestined
3: The Open Gateways (video clip)

Fenris - Ordeal


demo CD 2005

1: De Verschroeide Aarde
2: Suffering Predestined
3: Chronicle of Kings
4: Heilland
5: Das Boot (from Darkened Worlds)
6: Ordeal
7: Burst into Oblivion
8: …And Beyond

Rick Lieffering (drums)
Bas Westdorp (guitar)
Gilbert de Rooy (vocals)
Vasco Lub (bass)


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