Hamergilde (2001-2003)

Hamergilde - Der Stolz Des Nordlands Die Stolz des Nordlands

demo TAPE 2002
classification: NSBM

1: Die Walkure
2: Die Ewige Sonne
3: Die Stolz des Nordlands
4: Germania
5: Blut Ist Unserem Ehre
6: Eeuwigheid
7: Ragnarök
8: In dem Goldenem Saal

This is the debut demo of the political black metal band Hamergilde, that was founded in 1997 as a duo, and which expanded after the release of this demo. It opens with Wagner's Die Walkure plus additions, and continues with four black metal tracks on side Blut, which remind me a lot Absurd's Asgardrei. Side Ehre consists of more moody music, more like the later works of Burzum and a band like Halgadom. Although production isn't always great, the music is okay and convincing, the lyrics are most of the time in German, and the message of the cassette is pretty clear, though not always liked by the metal public. But I don't care what that mostly idiot scene thinks anyway. It's hard-to-obtain stuff - just keep watching the scene closely, and maybe you'll get lucky.

Review: Black Art Magazine #6, 2003.

Wodans Krieger

promo CD 2002
classification: NSBM

1: Intro
2: Die Ewige Sonne
3: Herr des Kriegers
4: Germania
5: Ragnarök
6: Outro

Wolfsmaent (2002)