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In Ruins (1996-????)

In Ruins - In Ruins In Ruins

demo 1996

1: Mind to Rest
2: I Hear Voices

This Is Metal!

track on compilation CD 1997

1: Passage to Another World

In Ruins - Fallen Fallen

demo CD 1997

1: Mind to Rest
2: I Hear Voices
3: Passage to Another World

Serene Grounds

demo CD 1998

1: In My Breviary
2: Twins of Evil
3: Path of Truth
4: Life Inferno
5: Where Fallen Angels Rule
6: Euthanasia

In Ruins - Dressed for Darkness Dressed for Darkness

demo CD 1999

1: Dressed for Darkness
2: Retribution
3: A Fortunetellers Fairytale
4: Denying All
5: Philosophy
6: A Kingdom Established
7: Kneedeep in the Shores of Hell

Marc van der Bos (guitars, vocals)
Hans Ruff (bass)
Frans Jan Boon (guitars)
Vince Phelan (guitars)
Niels Kloosterman (drums)