The Authorised Biography

The official extended biography can be downloaded as a pdf-file through this link. It is the ultimate source to quote, the complete reference guide to Lanz history, and the most astounding band biography you will ever read, written by the illustrious artist himself.

The Short Online Biography

Lanz was born out of a psychological necessity to accommodate the creative urges that were filling up the body of Paranoia, a relatively untalented musician from the Rotterdam area. In 1990, after several years of creating basal electronic music, Paranoia started his self-titled solo-band that debuted in 1992 with the death metal / black metal / electronic music based debut demo tape. It was in 1994 that the band had changed into Lanz, releasing primitive black metal. After that the band decided to call itself Namtillaku for the duration of one demo, adding guitarist Panther to the temporary roster and bringing doomy black metal. Paranoia returned in 1996 as the controversial Führer, releasing one - mainly instrumental black-metal-meets-gabber-house - tape. It wasn't until 2000 that Lanz returned with a vocal hate / lounge album, a black metal noise demo, and a more serious black metal concept album. In 2008 the band was finally drawing attention with the release of the industrial based black metal Incinerator album, which was released by a proper label in 2010! After that Lanz started working on new material from time to time, some of it appearing on vinyl in 2014 - another milestone. Although the band might seem dead at times, it never is. Despite the Earth's imminent demise, Lanz is eternal!

The Official Lanz Timeline

1988: Paranoia started creating electronic music as CFR (although it might even be 1987).
1989: Paranoia collected its saved electronic music on an untitled tape.
1990: Paranoia officially founded Paranoia, the forerunner of Lanz.
1990: Paranoia recorded the tape Computertunes filled with electronic music.
1991: Paranoia recorded the tape Paranoia filled with electronic music.
1992: Paranoia collected electronic left-overs on an untitled tape.
1992: Paranoia recorded demo #1: The Spectre of Paranoia. It saw very limited distribution.
1994: Paranoia changed its bandname into Lanz, and recorded a promo track in the process.
1994: Lanz recorded a primitive rehearsal session prior to the demo.
1994: Lanz recorded demo #2: Faust der Macht, of which one track never made the tape.
1995: Lanz recorded demo #3: Göttin der Hölle.
1995: Lanz recorded an experimental track under the name Imp.
1995: Lanz changed its bandname into Namtillaku, attracted guitarist Panther and changed its musical course.
1995: Namtillaku recorded demo #4: Namtillaku, after which Panther left the band.
1996: Namtillaku changed its bandname into Führer, and changed its musical course.
1996: Führer recorded demo #5: Der Totale Krieg.
1996: Führer changed its bandname back to Lanz.
1996: Lanz recorded one simple electronic track.
1997: Lanz recorded one vocal track inspired by the artist Apator.
1998: Lanz recorded one noise track.
2000: Lanz recorded three songs of experimental noise, dubbed Experiment 9-2-0. It is NOT a seperate demo!
2000: Lanz re-recorded one of the tracks present on demo #1.
2001: Lanz recorded the vocal hate / lounge demo #6: Sink the Black Titanic, which became a controversial small cult hit.
2001: Lanz recorded a black metal track inspired by the band Botulistum.
2002: Lanz recorded a noise track.
2003: Lanz recorded demo #7: Lanz & Girls, which actually includes the Experiment 9-2-0 recording.
2003: Lanz recorded demo #8: The Satanic Rock Opera, which would not see the light until 2014.
2005: Lanz recorded a vocal track inspired by the artist Apator.
2005: Lanz prepared a never released remixed re-release of Sink the Black Titanic, with a slightly different track list.
2008: Lanz released the promo album Incinerator: The New Church for labels.
2009: Lanz released the biographical 'glossy' The Lanz Magazine in a limited edition of 5 copies.
2010: Lanz released album #1: Incinerator: The New Church through Post Apocalyptic Music.
2012: V Xul acknowledged prior collaboration on The Satanic Rock Opera and Incinerator, joining as a part-time member.
2012: Lanz released (split) single #1: Excrement Terrorism on the Holy Trinity Part 2 through New Era Productions.
2013: Lanz recorded two cover tracks for different releases.
2014: Lanz released album #2: The Satanic Rock Opera, the 2003 demo with a 2013 cover bonus, through Zwaertgevegt / NLBMe.