Life's Illness (2007-2011)

Rehearsal 1-8-'07

demo track 2007

1: untitled

JH (drums)
- alias of Joe HB
Herr Leere (guitars)
- alias of Twan Plönes

Life's Illness - Love A Lost Vision Love - A Lost Vision

mini-CD 2007 by Spacelab

1. I Am Thy Razor
2. Through the Wounds of Melancholy

Life's Illness - Split with Cold Void Split

split demo 2008: Life's Illness / Cold Void

1: I Am Thy Razor

Drumless Vibrations

mini-CD 2008
classification: drone / doom metal

1: Vibrate
2: Doom Down the Earth
3: There's No Devil without a God

JH (instruments, vocals)

Demo '08

demo 2008

1: Unknown Cities
2: She Said: I Love You

Vita Est Aegrotatio MMVIII

promo CD 2008 by Spacelab (limited to 10 copies)

1: Entrance to the Final Exit
2: Vita Est Aegrotatio
3: Cancel All...

Corpsepaint Idiot

mini-CD 2008 by Spacelab
classification: punk

1: Headshot for You
2: Corpsepaint Idiot
3: Cunt Cunt Cunt
4: Fuckface

JH (bass, drums, vocals)


compilation CD 2008 by Spacelab

1: I Am Thy Razor
2: Untitled
3: I Am Thy Razor II
4: Through the Wounds of Melancholy
5: Stockholm
- Lifelover cover
6: I Am Thy Razor (Raw edit version)
7: Through the Wounds of Melancholy (Edit)

The Sense of Deception

CD 2010 (limited to 30 copies)

1: Unknown Emptiness
2: The Sense of Deception
3: I Am Home

JH (vocals, guitar, bass, ambience)
DB (guitar, drums)