Antygra (1994)

Infernal Legion (1994-1996)

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Martyr (1997-2005)

Beyond the Flames Eternal

demo CD 1998

1: Declaration of the Grand Last War
2: River of Decay
3: Beyond the Flames Eternal
4: Forgotten Lands
5: Haunted in Silence

I.N. Enthroned (drums)
- alias of Mike
Haat (vocals, guitars)
Harm (bass)
Antygra (keyboards)

Martyr - Resurrection of Our Prophecies Resurrection of Our Prophecies

demo CD 1999

1: Resurrection of My Prophecies
2: Insanity's Manifest
3: Unleashed Quest of Forthcoming Darkness
4: Mankind Has Spoken
5: All Things End in Sorrow

Martyr - To Confirm When Destruction Comes

Martyr - To Confirm When Destruction Comes

To Confirm When Destruction Comes

demo CD 2002
CD 2002 re-release
by Regimental Records

1: Sanguis Vitae Est
2: Burning Season
3: Deathforce Re-Filled
4: I Am the Bringer of New Obtainment
5: To Confirm When Destruction Comes
6: In Nomine

Review: The American label Regimental Records has recently discovered the Netherlands as a well of unsigned metal bands. Cirith Gorgor, Onheil, and Martyr were all given the chance to release some of their material. Martyr re-released its third demo cd with them. Since the demo cd Resurrection of Our Prophecies Martyr hasn't changed its course and still bring fast melodic metal in the vein of Abigor, and in lesser extent Marduk, not unlike country and label mates Cirith Gorgor. The six tracks on the album are tightly played (and contain some echoes that need, and I quote: "powerful stereo equipment to be experienced"... allrighty then, let's not get carried away here) and well-written structures (courtesy of guitarist Haat). Lyrically Martyr can be found in the misanthropic death-to-humanity corner - I guess, death metal then!... "The gods are harmless if not powerless so to speak..." Through religion the gods bring more death to this globe than all misanthropy and nihilism added up - but that's always food for rich discussions!

Source: Black Art Magazine #6, 2003.

Martyr - A Malicious Odyssey A Malicious Odyssey

CD 2004 by Black Owl

1: Sentenced to Suffer
2: Downfall
3: Failure of the 4th
4: Stunned
5: Prologue to the Unknown
6: Death's Verdict
7: The Dawn of the Malicious
8: Crossfires

Nomiis (bass)
I.N. Enthroned (drums)
Haat (vocals, guitars)

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