Melechesh (1993+)

Melechesh - As Jerusalem Burns Al'Intisar (demo) As Jerusalem Burns... Al'Intisar

demo TAPE 1995

1: Sultan of Mischief
2: Planetary Rites
3: Assyrian Spirit
4: The Sorcerers of Melechesh
5: Baphomets Lust

Melechesh Ashmedi (vocals, lead guitars)
Cimeries (keyboards)
Lord Curse (drums, percussion)
Thamuz (bass)
Moloch (rhythm guitars)

Melechesh - The Siege Of Lachish The Siege of Lachish

7" SINGLE 1995 by Devilish Music Propaganda

1: Siege of Lachish
2: Malek Al Nar

Melechesh Ashmedi (vocals, keyboards, lead guitars)
Moloch (rhythm guitars, backing vocals)
Lord Curse (drums, backing vocals)
Uusur (bass, backing vocals)

Melechesh - As Jerusalem Burns Al'Intisar (cd) As Jerusalem Burns... Al'Intisar

CD 1996 by Breath of Night / Pulverizer
CD 2001 re-release

1: Sultan of Mischief
2: Assurian Spirit
3: Planetary Rites
4: Hymns to Gibil
5: The Sorcerers of Melechesh
6: Dance of the Black Genii
7: Baphomet's Lust
8: Devil's Night
9: As Jerusalem Burns… Al'Intisar

10: Desert Pentagram - re-release bonus track
11: Malek Al Nar (live in Jerusalem)
- re-release bonus track

Melechesh Ashmedi (lead guitars, lead vocals, bass, keyboards)
Moloch (rhythm guitars, bass, backing vocals)
Lord Curse (drums, percussion)


promo CD 1998

1: A Summoning on Ifirt and Genii
2: Wardjinn
3: Siege of Lachish (version 98)
4: Dragon's Legacy
5: Genies, Sorcerers, and Mesopotamian Nights

Melechesh - Djinn Djinn

CD 2001 by Osmose Productions

1: Whispers from the Tower
2: Genies, Sorcerers and Mesopotamian Nights
3: A Summoning of Ifrit and Genii
4: Wardjinn
5: Rub the Lantern
6: Covering the Sun
7: Kurnugi's Reign
8: Oasis of Molten Gold
9: Dragon's Legacy
10: The Siege of Lachish

Ashmedi (vocals, guitars, keyboards)
Proscriptor (drums, percussion)
- alias of Russ R. Givens
Al'Hazred (bass, backing vocals)
- alias of Alex
Moloch (guitars, backing vocals, buzuq)

Melechesh - Sphynx Sphynx

LP / CD 2003 by Osmose Productions

1: Of Mercury and Mercury
2: Secrets of Sumerian Sphynxology
3: Annunaki's Golden Thrones
4: Apkallu Counsel
5: Tablets of Fate
6: Triangular Tattvic Fire
7: The Arrival Ritual
8: Incendium between Mirage and Time
9: Purifier of the Stars
10: Caravans to Ur

11: Babylon Fell (Jade Serpent) - Celtic Frost cover; LP version only

Melechesh Ashmedi (vocals, guitars, keyboards, percussion)
Proscriptor McGovern (drums, vocals, percussion)
Al Hazred (bass, vocals, keyboards)
Moloch (guitars, percussion, saz)

Melechesh - The Ziggurat Scrolls The Ziggurat Scrolls

mini-LP 2005 by Profound Lore Records

1: Tablets of Fate (remix)
2: A Summoning of Ifrit and Genii (demo version '98)
3: Wardjinn (demo version '98)
4: Of Magic and Reptilians (Instrumental Sorcery)

Melechesh Ashmedi (vocals, guitars, keyboards, percussion)
Moloch (guitars)
Al Hazred (bass, vocals)
Proscriptor McGovern (drums, vocals, percussion)

Melechesh - Emissaries Emissaries

CD 2006 by Osmose Productions / The End Records

1: Rebirth of the Nemesis (Enuma Elish Rewritten)
2: Ladders to Sumeria
3: Deluge of Delusional Dreams: Act I. Cast Tempest from the East / Act II. Enlil's Retaliation
4: Touching the Spheres of Sephiroth
5: Gyroscope
- The Tea Party cover
6: Double Helixed Sceptre
7: The Scribes of Kur
8: Leper Jerusalem
9: Sand Grain Universe
10: Emissaries and the Mysterium Magnum

Melechesh Ashmedi (guitars, vocals, keyboards, percussion)
Xul (drums, percussion)
- alias of Yuri Rinkel
Al Hazred (bass, vocals)
Moloch (guitars)

The Epigenesis

CD / LP 2010 by Nuclear Blast

1: Ghouls of Nineveh
2: Grand Gathas of Baal Sin
3: Sacred Geometry
4: The Magickan and the Drones
5: Mystics of the Pillar
6: When Halos of Candles Collide
7: Defeating the Giants
8: Illumination: The Face of Shamash
9: Negative Theology
10: A Greater Chain of Being
11: The Epigenesis

Melechesh Ashmedi (vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass, sitar, percussion, piano)
Moloch (guitars, saz, bouzouki, bindir, choir vocals)
Xul (drums, percussion, choir vocals)
Rahm (bass, choir vocals)
- alias of Mous Mirer

Mystics of the Pillar II

digital EP 2012 by Nuclear Blast

1: Mystics of the Pillar (alternate ending)
2: Sacred Geometry
3: The Epigenesis

Melechesh Ashmedi (vocals, guitars, keyboards, percussion)
Moloch (guitars)
Xul (drums)
Rahm (bass)


CD 2015 by Nuclear Blast

1: Tempest Temper Enlil Enraged
2: The Pendulum Speaks
3: Lost Tribes
4: Multiple Truths
5: Enki - Divine Nature Awoken
6: Metatron and Man
7: The Palm the Eye and Lapis Lazuli
8: Doorways to Irkala
9: The Outsiders

Scorpios (bass, backing )
Moloch (guitars, backing vocals, saz)
Lord Curse (drums, percussion)
Melechesh Ashmedi (vocals, guitars, keyboards, percussion, sitar)