Misanthropy (1997+)
based in the United States of America, with Dutch (ex)musician Kriich in the line-up.


demo 1998 by Ctanic Records

1: Dead (Intro)
2: Crimson Red
3: Self Inflicted Stab Wounds
4: Lifeless Desire
5: Misanthropic Existance
6: Ritual of Hatred
7: Bitterness and Sorrow
8: Spilling Christian Blood
9: God of Unpurity
10: Deathlust
11: Cast out from Heaven
12: Buried Alive
13: Burnt Offerings of Human Flesh

Antihuman (vocals)
- alias of Ed Spero
DestructSean (guitars)

Misanthropy - Human Hatred Human Hatred

CD 1999 by Ctanic Records

1: Lifeless Desire
2: Bastard Christ
3: Misanthropy
4: Spilling of Christian Blood

Antihuman (vocals, drum programming)
DestructSean (guitars)

Misanthropy - The Cleansing The Cleansing

CD 2000 by Ctanic Records

1: Bringer of Chaos
2: The Cleansing
3: All Hope Lost
4: Suffer for Me
5: Vital Plague
6: Nazarene Decomposing
- Havohej cover
7: Buried Alive
8: Eugalp Lativ

Antihuman (vocals)
DestructSean (guitars)

Misanthropy - Suffer O Crucified Bastard Suffer o Crucified Bastard

demo TAPE 2001

1: Resurrection of Blasphemy
2: Christian Holocaust
3: Dying in the Gas Chamber
4: Into the Incinerator
5: Temptations of Cannibalism
6: Defecating on the Holy
7: Doom of the Gods

Ed Spero (vocals, guitars, drum programming)

Misanthropy - The Collection The Collection

compilation CD 2001 by Satan's Millenium Records

Contains Human Hatred (tracks 1-4)
Contains The Cleansing (tracks 5-12)
Contains Suffer O Crucified Bastard (tracks 13-19)

Misanthropy - United In Mankind's Annihilation United in Mankind's Annihilation

split CD 2001: Lugubre / Misanthropy by Satan's Millenium Records

6: Brutally Raped and Maimed
7: Only Hatred Remains
8: Hate with No Compromise
9: All Humanity Must End
10: Virus Spreader - Outro

Ed (spreader of the anti-human virus; everything)

Misanthropy - Black Metal War Black Metal War

split CD 2002: Azaghal / Misanthropy / Vultyr by Dragonthrone Productions

4: My Enemies All Die Slowly
5: Skull Fucking Chaos
6: Total Destruction
7: Daylight Dies

Misanthropy - Gotteslasterung Gotteslästerung

demo CD 2002 by Satan's Millenium Vinland

1: Gotteslästerung (Psalm 666)
2: Prayers of Bastards Misled
3: Eternal Trash
4: Incineration
5: Glorifying Crimes against God
6: Crushing the Holy Lies

Antihuman (vocals)
DestructSean (guitars)

Misanthropy - Stench Of Humanity Stench of Humanity

demo TAPE 2003 by Satan's Millenium Records

1: As God Rots Away
2: Only Hate Remains
3: My Enemies All Die Slowly
4: Soul Fucking Chaos
5: Total Destruction

Antihuman (everything)

Misanthropy - Where Darkness Reigns Where Darkness Reigns

split demo CD 2003: Burning Winds / Kerberos / Misanthropy by Goat Productions

10: Humanure
11. Perpetual Philosophies of Hate
12. Spreading Disease
13. Embedded in Obscurity

Plague (bass)
Kriich (drums)
- alias of Mark van der Hock
Antihuman (vocals, guitars)

Conquering the World with True Black Metal War

split LP 2004: Besatt / Armageddon / Misanthropy / Inner Helvete by Ordealis Records

7: Abhorrent
8: Pleasures of One's Suffering
9: Legions of the Antichrist
10: ...Like Nails un Your Skull

Antihuman (vocals)
DestructSean (guitars)
Plague (bass)

Forever Denied

demo 2004

1: Intro
2: Abhorrent
3: Theological Deterioration
4: Amidst the Shallow Graves
5: Forever Denied
6: Alpha and Omega
7: Impurities
8: Outro

A Monument of Disgust

demo CD 2007 by Skull Productions

1: Never Any Forgiveness
2: I Am Dead
3: View of Chaos
4: You Will Watch Them Fall
5: Endless Burning Path


split CD 2009: Raw Hatred / Misanthropy by Rusty Axe / Wolf's Hook

6: Choking on Razors
7: Pillars of My Hell
8: Holiness Defiled
9: Christ Infected Carrion

Plague (bass)
Kriich (drums)
Antihuman (vocals, guitars)