These are national and international websites that might be interesting to anyone with an affection with Dutch black metal or its scene, they are sites from people that have helped me with the contents of this website (and are not Dutch black metal bands - their links are in the bands section), or simply promote my actions:

Achtung Records (Dutch underground tape label)

Dying Sun Records (interesting Dutch underground label with international artists)

Encyclopaedia Metallum (German online encyclopedia)

Heidens Hart Records (Dutch underground label)

Moonspell Rites Promotions (Dutch label on MySpace)

Necromanteion Studio (professional music studio, with a great reputation for black metal)

Negra Nit Distro (Spanish underground label)

New Era Productions (trustworthy Dutch underground label, I have been in contact with for a very long time)

NLBM (MySpace)

Pesttanz Klangschmiede (German underground label)

Post Apocalyptic Music (Dutch industrial label on Facebook)

Quintessence (webzine)

The Ritual Productions (underground distribution and small label)

Zwaertgevegt (Dutch underground cassette label)