Nevelrijk (2006+)

Nevelrijk - Total Black Onslaught Of Death Total Black Onslaught of Death

split CD 2007: Bloody Ritual / Entsetzlich / Nevelrijk / Wolfhollow by Wolfsvuur Records

8: Vergadering van het Kwaad
9: Ravenoogst
10: Dodenrijk

Nevelrijk - Heidens Bloed Heidens Bloed

TAPE 2007 by Wolfsvuur Records

1: Slaaf der Demonengebroed
2: Dodenrijk
3: Heksenwoud
4: Schreeuw des Doods
5: Hellevuur
6: Heidens Bloed

This cassette demo - nice to see some people still using this ancient music carrier - is Nevelrijk’s second outing, after having participated on the split cd Total Black Onslaught Of Death. The six tracks on this demo are not that different from those on the split cd - they’re fast, drum-computer driven, aggressive, low-budget, and underground black metal from the unholy Netherlands, done by the musician calling himself Nevelgeest. Heidens Bloed is limitedly released by the Dutch Wolfsvuur label in 200 copies, and contains six underground tracks. I feel this band still might need some more time to develop its own identity, but is already far away from hopeless.

Review: Black Art Magazine #10, 2009.

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