Halfway 2008 I started NLBMe Management, a low-profile, no-budget label and promotion spin-off, born from my encyclopedia and my design activities as V Xul Design. On this website I will show you what projects I was/am running through NLBMe Management. I stress that it is not a tool to promote only my own music and project, but also those of associates and friends, which I feel deserve attention or recognition for what they are doing or have done in the past. These are several subjects I (have) endorse(d), listed alphabetically.

Because I have always always been a fan of the designs -logo's and otherwise- of fellow Coldeemstorft and Veghe musician / artist Embernach, I have cleared some virtual space for him, showing you his distinct artistry, mostly typified by well-balanced, but intricate and decorative line work. Although some of his logo's are still or have been in use by various bands, I feel he can really contribute more to the music scene. He admires old-school black metal, old-school Swedish and Autopsy-like death metal, traditional doom metal, and neo-folk, but it is no real problem to design for bands outside of this personal niche. However, I know he will not design anything that clashes with his personal ideology and standards.

After its start I first put my energy in releasing an mp3-version of two Endemonized live tracks, recorded in 1994 and 1995, the black death metal project I played in those years. I released them - compiled under the banner Crushing the Herd Mentality - on a now defunct blog with Dutch releases only. Perhaps I will redistribute it some other way in the near future.

In the summer of 2008 one of my oldest friends, Paranoia of black metal band Lanz, recorded his third full-length release in both my own humble Noise Studio (the base tracks) and Hellchrist Xul's professional Necromanteion Studio (all instruments, sfx, and vocals). Because Lanz has always been a neglected but effectively original band, I decided to take up the promotion of this album of industrial black metal. Somehow it worked, and Lanz found a label in the young and upcoming Post Apocalyptic Music company. Because I felt it was not enough to just promote the band, (and because the Lanz website had been offline for some time), I also took it upon my shoulders to host the official (viually stripped down) Lanz website. To be honest, I haven't changed a lot of it. I only made sure it vaguely resembles this NLBMe website for unity's sake.

The Parents of Oude Pekela
During 2014 I have been sending out promo's to labels for the new CD of the controversial brutal black metal band The Parents Of Oude Pekela, As Satan Spawns from the Grave of a Thousand Infants, hoping to find this extreme project a small home with a label that hears the same spirit and aggression I hear.