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Inverted Pentagram (1992-1998)

Conspiracy at the Gates of Chaos

rehearsal TAPE 1992 by Eternal Delay Produxions

1: The Coming of Desiderius (Intro)
2: Conspiracy at the "Gates" of Chaos
3: Nyarlathotep... the Messenger

Inverted Pentagram - Thee Astral Sign of War Thee Astral Sign of War

demo TAPE 1993

1: Celtic Dreams (Intro)
2: Thee Astral Sign of War
3: Rites of the Black Woods
4: Nyarlathotep... the Messenger
5: Winter (Season of the Demons on Earthly Life)
6: To Die (Outro)

Inverted Pentagram - The Pentagram The Pentagram

promo TAPE 1994

1: The Pentagram (Intro)
2: Rites of the Black Woods
3: Visualize the Return of Prime Darkness
4: Winter (The Season of Demons in Earthly Life)

Inverted Pentagram - The Sphere of ANU The Sphere of ANU

demo TAPE 1997

1: Intro - Sphere of ANU
2: Winter (Season of the Deamons in Earthly Lifes)
3: (I Walk My Darkest Paths) Beyond Eternity
4: Journey through the Necropolis
5: Inverted Pentagram (The Five Elements)
6: Outro (I Depart...)

Omnihierophantom (1999-2001)

Omnihierophantom - Beyond Eternity Beyond Eternity

CD 2000 by Black Flame

1: …From Chaos
2: Drowning in Negative Colours of Darkness
3: Carriers of Light / Crystal Race
4: A Journey through the Necropolis
5: Beyond Eternity
6: In the Space of One Moon
7: Inverted Pentagram / The Five Elements
8: Winter (Season of the Daemons in Earthly Lifes)

Guido van de Schoor (bass, synthesizer bass, guitars)
Danny Dreessen (drums, percussion, keyboards, organ)
S:O:L. Necrosadist (vocals)
- alias of Rob Maessen

Review: In 1998 the cult black metal band named Inverted Pentagram fell apart, and like a Phoenix from its ashes rose Omnihierophantom - the Luciferian avantgarde dark metal band from the south of the lowlands. A fascinating album of quite experimental but catchy blackish metal, that reminds me of Arcturus and Sigh - though less orchestral and more stripped to its Luciferian essence. Frontman Necrosadist (known from a lot of projects dating back into the eighties) and musicians Guido van de Schoor and Danny Dreessen have been perfecting the music on this album since 1992 and finally came up with this well-produced piece of art. A must for the underground, something worth checking out for all others!

Source: Black Art Magazine #4, 2001.