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Orodruin (2000-2004, 2014+)

Orodruin - ...The Fire that Welled There The Fire That Welled There

TAPE 2000 by Black Abyss Productions (limited to 50 copies)

1: Intro
2: A Wind from the East…
3: The Song of Parting
4: Smeagol
5: Drink from the Forest Stream
6: Outro

Jeroen (instruments, vocals)

Orodruin - The Dark Tower The Dark Tower

7" EP 2001 by Black Abyss Productions

1: Fangorn
2: In Pursuit of the Orcish Horde
3: Old Forest (outro)

Jeroen (instruments, vocals)

Visions of the Palantiri

split CD 2002: Orodruin / Vinterriket by Desolate Landscapes

1: Grond (Intro)
2: Visions of the Palantiri
3: Over Ered Lithui
4: Uruk-Hai Command
5: Whispers from the Dead Marshes

Jeroen (instruments, vocals)

Orodruin - Split with Vordr Split

split 7" EP 2004: Vordr / Orodruin by Hearse Records

3: Durin's Bane
4: Flame of Udun

Jeroen (instruments, vocals)