Prickrott (2005+)

Prickrott - Fuck Your God Fuck Your God

demo CD 2007

1: The Awakening of the Dark Past
2: Virtuosity
3: IJzer Zagen
4: Blak Metal
5: Letter to the Pope
6: Unoly Blaesbalgh
7: Enemy Base
8: Wout in Blik
9: Thy Flesh Consumed

The Shapeshifter (rhythm guitars, drum programming)
- alias of Lodewijk Pollemans
The Announcer (lead guitars, vocals, drum programming)
- alias of Joey

Hate United

demo CD 2008

1: Intro
2: Existence of Ignorance
3: Digital Satan
4: Don't Go into the Woods Alone

The Shapeshifter (programming)
The Announcer (rhythm guitars, vocals, programming)

Prickrott - Total Fucking Meltdown Total Fucking Meltdown

demo CD 2009
TAPE 2012 re-release
by Zwaertgevegt

1: Intro
2: Mindfolter
3: The Destruction of Ephemeral Faith
4: Total Fucking Meltdown
5: Angel Dissection
6: The Reign of the Technodemon
7: Fenrir’s Revenge
8: Summon the Horde
- Asmodeus cover

Morkulv (lead guitars, bass, programming)
- alias of Lodewijk Pollemans
Ijin (rhythm guitars, vocals)
- alias of Joey


TAPE 2014 by Zwaertgevegt (limited to 40 copies)
classification: industrial black metal

1: Cyberworm
2: Daar Waar Engelen Falen
3: Brainbreaker
4: Gateway to the Subconcious
5: Human Insignificanse
6: Dance of Elestia
7: Spiral of Morbid Satisfaction

The Shapeshifter (lead guitars, programming)
The Enforcer (lead vocals, bass)
- alias of Johan Meulendijk