Ravagar (2003+)

Ravagar - Forest Grief Forest Grief

TAPE 2006 by Underground Propaganda Records

1: Will to Power
2: Eternal Winds
3: As Blood and Iron
4: Beneath the Ashes
5: RasRel
6: Forest Grief

Dagor (instruments, vocals)

Der Anfang des Hasses und des Übels

split TAPE 2007: Funeral Frost / Ravagar by A.M.F. Records

7: Fading Aurora
8: At Wild Harvest of Swan
9: Beyond the Flames of Fury
10: Clare of Mourning
11: Tears of the Purest Sunset of Time

Thinking, Feeling, Willing

split TAPE 2007: Dwarka / Twilight / Vvrika / Ravagar by A.M.F. Productions

4: At Wild Harvest of Swan
8: As Blood and Iron
11: Forest Grief

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