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Sad Iron (1980-1985)


demo TAPE 1982

1: Racing down the Highway
2: Sanctuary

Sad Iron - Holland Heavy Metal Vol.1 Holland Heavy Metal Vol.1

split LP 1982: Sad Iron / Seducer by Universe Production

1: Thunder and Lightning
2: Sad Iron
3: Get Out, Get Off
4: Racing Down the Highway
5: Schoolgirls

Sad Iron - Total Damnation Total Damnation

LP 1983 by Universe

1: Demon's Night
2: Prisoners
3: We All Praise the Devil
4: Rock 'n' Roll Rendezvous
5: Hellfighter
6: Total Damnation
7: Three Crown Saws

Leo Ockeloen (bass)
Jacques van Oevelen (drums)
Bernard Rive (guitars)
Herke van der Poel (vocals)

Sad Iron - The Antichrist The Antichrist

CD 2016 by Dutch Steel, recorded 1985

1: Live Like a Rat
2: S.M.
3: Day of Doom
4: You're Obsessed
5: We Play to Kill
6: Where Warwinds Blow
7: Posers
8: Powerthrash

Bernard Rive (guitars)
Herke van der Poel (vocals)
Charles Heijnen (bass)
Peter van de Wouden (drums)