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Satanic Death (1988-1992)

Satanic Death - Braincancer Braincancer

demo TAPE 1990

1: Intro
2: Funeral Feast
3: Rotting Stench
4: Corrupt Fumes
5: Reek of Shit and Rotten Guts
6: Pugnacious Bleeding
7: Disbelief in God
8: A Horrible Process of Disincorporating
9: Excoriating of the Skin
10: Froth Salvia
11: Purulent Disbonded Food
12: Rigugitate the Putrid Innards
13: Corroding Intestines
14: A Ghastly Sea of Festering Maggots
15: Wim Execrates This Horrible Torment
16: Caughing Clots of Devoured Flesh
17: Braincancer

Nocturnal Eye (guitars)
- alias of Marcel Lemmens
Pesticide (drums)
Necrosadist (vocals)
- alias of Rob Maessen

Satanic Death - Inaccessible Malversation of the Deceased Inaccessible Malversation of the Deceased

split 7" EP 1991: Audiostench / Satanic Death

1: Paverroting (Intro)
2: Hugness Hubbub
3: Evil Musculus Sternocleidomastoideus
4: Carnigologcal Proliferation
5: Zirkness de Karabanellis
6: Stench of Corpses
7: Cranial Lust
8: Posers Poisoned by Everlasting Shredded Coffin Worms
9: Morticious Nesting (of the Demons)
10: Sarcastic Megaconvulsion
11: Temple of Crucifixation
12: Wild Suffering End

Nocturnal (guitars)
- alias of Marcel Lemmens
Necrosadist (vocals)
Henri Neven
Goswijn "Siem" Simons
- alias of Menno Corbeek

Crucif(r)ied in Flames

split demo TAPE 1992: Satanic Death / Corpusculum by Flame Delay

1: Into the Deeps... (Intro)
2: Impaler of Godsouls
3: At Rise with 9 Candles of Black Flames
4: Mummified Planet
5: I Live in Pasta...
6: In the Sign of Black Noise/Chaos
7: The Deathrone Temple
8: No Horizon...
9: Horrified Process of Dripping Flesh
10: Necrophagious Screams (the Legions...)
11: Evil Forces Cult
12: Planet Refuser
13: The Lustfull Desires of an Angel Raper
14: The Law of Hate
15: Suicide... Gate to Hell
16: Jesus Crushfuck
17: Mr. Squealius the Pig Molestor
18: After the 4th Reich
19: Thorns Replaced by Barbed Wire
20: Accessible Malversation of the Deceased
21: Ritual of the Reverse
22: Malicious Nesting (of the Demons)
23: Spectric Visions of Aconic Cities
24: Black Stars de Morte
25: Zombie Holocaust
26: ...In Black Flames (Outro)

Pesticide (drums)
Nocturnal Eye (guitars)
Necrosadist (vocals)