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Serenade Of Darkness (1996-2006)

Serenade Of Darkness - Mystic Symphonies of Tragedy and... Mystic Symphonies of Tragedy and…

demo CD 1998

1: Intro: The Arrival of the Dark Winds
2: A Desperate Cry for Eternal Darkness
3: I'm Doomed
4: Serenade
5: Suicidal Depression
6: Search for Salvation

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Serenade Of Darkness - In Solitude Engraved In Solitude Engraved

demo CD 2001

1: Quad Non Fieri Potest (intro)
2: Search for Salvation
3: In the Shadows of Misery
4: Shattered Dreams
5: Veritas Ater
6: A Desperate Cry for Eternal Darkness
7: In Solitude Engraved
8: Suicidal Depression
9: Requiem Eternatum

Magus (guitars)
- alias of Eric Malenstein
Donny Aartse (drums)
Daniel ten Brinke (vocals)
Patrick Bijl (bass)
Ronald Birsak (guitars)
Wendy van der Hek (vocals)

Serenade Of Darkness - Storms Storms

demo CD 2004

1: The Dawn of a New Aeon
2: Mortis Sub Noctum
3: Invoking the Storms of Winter
4: The Twilight Behind Your Soul
5: Vicious Oppression
6: A Ceremony for the Dying
7: And Thus All Ends…

Sephtis (vocals)
- alias of Jimmy R.
Patrick Bijl (bass)
Demorpheus (keyboards)
- alias of C.W. de Boer
Magus (guitars)
Arcaroth (guitars)
- alias of Wouter
Emile Schreuder (drums)