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Take a look at the shop and order what you need. It includes the Encyclopedia of Dutch Black Metal and NLBMe releases. Take a look at the online content of the Encyclopedia: the list of Dutch black metal bands. There's still not much to say about the second book, apart from "looking for a good time and way to release it".

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November 2014: I am finally doing some serious work on this trusted old website, finally adding the NLBMe Shop (nothing fancy with shopping carts, more a list of items with prices, found in the menu on the left), some new bands and reviews, and a few new lay-out elements. I am still working on a release- and band-update, but that takes an immense amount of energy and time. It also took me a long while to get into the spirit again, since the book is ten years old and my life is not built around this book or updating the accompanying website. I am sorry to disappoint you!


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