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Tarnkappe - Tussen hun en de zon Tussen hun en de zon

TAPE 2013 by Sabbath's Fire Records
re-release LP/CD 2014 by Hammerheart Records

1: To Wade in the Blood
2: Poorten der triomf
3: Rouwmantel
4: Kraft der Vernichtung
5: Mit Ketten am Leiche
6: Duister mijn geweten
7: De verschoppeling
8: Departure
9: Als reuzen zullen wij staan
10: Kaalslag
11: Wouddwalen

Nortfalke (vocals, drums, guitar)
- alias of Maarten, a.k.a. Swerc
Sat (vocals, bass) - alias of John Venema
Hrodulfr (vocals)
- a.k.a. Röldulv

Tarnkappe - Fryslân Fryslân

split mini-LP 2014: Blakharaz / Funeral Procession / Manzanar / Tarnkappe by Millennial Visions

4: Aan de aarde gebonden

Nortfalke (drums, guitar)

Sat (vocals, bass)
Hrodulfr (vocals)

Tarnkappe - Winterwaker Winterwaker

LP/CD 2016 by Hammerheart Records

1: Bodemkruiper
2: Aan de aarde gebonden
3: De bekroning
4: Eeuwig onheil
5: Winterwaker
6: Kale vlakten, desolatie
7: De hal van het geheugen
8: Hogere machten

Review: Few bands manage to pack their first seconds of the album with enough impact to immediately lift the listener’s spirit to the level: "here’s something I should listen to!" Tarnkappe’s first song Bodemkruiper, which is an awesome title (literally ‘soil crawler’, but I can imagine several different meanings), does this and introduces an album that hardly ever loses your interest. The sound is crystal clear. The riffs are interesting. The vocalist’s sound is perfect for the band’s Dutch lyrics, and keeps me glued to the music. Tarnkappe is one of the bands that our black metal scene can take pride in. Perhaps veteran instrumentalist Nortfalke (formerly / also known as Swerc) has a lot to do with this, since he is also the composer of Standvast - one of my favourite Dutch bands at the moment.

Source: NLBMe exclusive, September 2018.

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