The Nefarious Integration (????+)

The Nefarious Integration - Path to Desolation Path to Desolation

demo CD 2008
classification: black death metal

1: Doomhammer
2: Acid Spit
3: Assembled in Abysmal Agony
4: Path to Desolation
5: Karma of Chaos

San (bass, drums, vocals)
Wes (guitars, vocals)

The Nefarious Integration - Articles of Execution Articles of Execution

mini-LP 2013 by Inverted Inhumation Records

1: Articles of Execution
2: Insane Death Code
3: Planet War Grave
4: The Blind Arcade

San Disintegrator (guitars, bass, vocals)
Bruno Bakker (lead guitars)
Walter 808 (drums)

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