The Parents Of Oude Pekela (1999-2003, 2008+)

The Parents Of Oude Pekela - Made To Mate Made to Mate

split CD 2002: The Parents Of Oude Pekela / Goat Anus by Pisspleased Records

1: Intro
2: Made to Mate
3: Born to Burn for Satan
4: Moeraslijkjes
5: Underground Torture Compound
6: 6 Years, 6 Months, 6 Days
7: Open de Hellepoort voor Verse Zieltjes
8: The Ritual Abortion
9: Outro

Molester (instruments, vocals)

The Parents Of Oude Pekela - Oral Pleasure Oral Pleasure

demo CD 2002
classification: black noise

1: Intro
2: Oral Pleasure
3: Oral Pleasure (SH Remix)
4: Outro

Molester (instruments, vocals)

The Parents Of Oude Pekela - Kindermoord Kindermoord

demo CD 2003

4 untitled tracks

Molester (instruments, vocals)

Excrement Terrorism on the Holy Trinity Part 2

split 7" SINGLE 2013: Lanz / The Parents Of Oude Pekela by New Era Productions

2: Gehoorzaam de Meester
3: No Name, No Date of Birth...

The Blind Abyss Of Uncreation (instruments, vocals)

As Satan Spawns from the Grave of a Thousand Infants

unreleased CD 2014
classification: death black metal

1: Born to Burn for Satan
2: One Minute of Silence for the Nearly Dead
3: 6 Years 6 Months 6 Days
4: Underground Torture Compound
5: Vogelvrij
6: Naar het Slachthuis
7: Back to the Tranquil Chaos
8: Made to Mate
9: Dead Body Love
- Pungent Stench cover
10: Widespread Hatred
11: Breath
12: Love Death
13: Gehoorzaam de Meester
14: Moeraslijkjes
15: No Name No Date of Birth
16: Open de Hellepoort voor Verse Zieltjes
17: Witness the Beauty of Nature
18: Sletten voor Mij
- Christfighter cover
19: KCJ Hardcore Superstar
20: Thermonuclear Devastation
- Onslaught cover

The Blind Abyss Of Uncreation (instruments, vocals)

It has a reason I am officially promoting this album to be picked up by a proper label: it's just a killer piece of Satanic Art. I have known this band since its first split demo and was amazed at how primitive and simple things could get in black metal. Every step this band made in its first incarnation was a step towards something uniquely different. It was not until early 2014, when this album was finished, that I heard what this freshly reincarnated band was capable of. It might have lost its long-time solo musician in 2008 (being replaced by one of the other original founding fathers), but it has finally found its deranged unique sound, that has hints of death metal act Bolt Thrower, grindcore band Heresy, as well as black metal bands Beherit, Von, Burzum, Hellhammer, Profanatica, Bestial Warlust, and Heretic. It's both brutal and noisy and crystal clear in sound, and effectively simple in its execution to top it off, using programmed drums, and a variety of vocal styles - of which the hysterical screams are probably the most alienating. It more or less perfects what was presented on the 2013 split single, losing a lot of unnecessary samples in the process and gaining quality in terms of musicianship. It's also alternating between the unnatural high speed present on all the previous outings and mid-tempo rhythms. A lot of its titles are present on earlier releases, but these songs have been rewritten musically and lyrically, without losing its essences. Since it's still up for adoption, I'll urge labels to contact NLBMe Management through this website!

Review: NLBMe Exclusive, November 2014.