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Utukku (2012-2015)

Utukku - Among Old Ruins and Creeping Mist Among Old Ruins and Creeping Mist

TAPE 2012 by Crude Form (limited to 15 copies)

1: Where No Life Dwells
2: Rotting Poisons and Fungal Growth
3: Burning Temples of a False God
4: Nocturnal Semblance
5: Among Old Ruins and Creeping Mist
6: The Ancient Evil
7: Roaming Ghosts
8: Black Abyss

The Black Hermetic Order

split TAPE 2012 by The Throat (limited to 30 copies)

2: They Come from Beneath the Sands
3: The Dweller in the Tomb
4: The All-Consuming Horror
5: Shimmering Obelisk
6: The Summoning
7: The Black Veil
8: The Carrions and the Heat
9: Secret Passages
10: The Hidden Texts
11: The Forbidden Chamber

Cave Dwelling Deathcults

TAPE 2012 by Crude Form

1: The Rumbling Beneath
2: Below Red-Lit Yoth
3: Thousand Days in a Cave
4: The Staring Eyes
5: Dweller of the Pit
6: Salvation Through Torture


compilation 2013 by Crude Form

Contains Among Old Ruins and Creeping Mist
Contains The Black Hermetic Order (Utukku part only)
Contains Cave Dwelling Deathcults

25: The Rumbling Beneath
26: The Night of Terror
27: Crawling and Creeping
28: Incantation
29: The Night of Terror (alternate)
30: Crawling and Creeping (alternate)
31: The Rumbling Beneath (alternate)
32: Incantation (alternate)
33: untitled

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