Since I have been involved in metal, I have been designing (band) logo's and scetching gory artwork - nowhere near Moyen's quality, but certainly in the same category.

I have drawn logo's for my own (unrealised or ficticious) projects or for people I was/am in contact with. I have contributed to the scene with my own independent designs, mostly based on a band's or person's original idea, and re-designs of logo's already in use.

I have also worked on various demo and album covers for my own bands and those of both close friends and more distant acquaintances - like many others starting with crude pen drawings, and over time evolving into combinations of photoshop and drawing. The selection you find here shows both my personal favourites and the ones I hope will see a bit more of the world than those limitedly spread demo's from the 1990s.


These are some of the logo's I have desiged over the years. I have put them in alphabetical order, so it's a nice of older and newer material.


These are some of the early ones I used in the 1990s. They are all the covers of my early deathrock band Masticate, released in 1993 (Maggot Invasion and Welcome to my Ass) and 1994 (Lost and Corpse Fucking). I can only say that the music we created was as primitive as the cover drawings.

Around this time I was also helping out Paranoia of Lanz with recording and designing almost all of his demo's, including Lanz's Faust der Macht (1994), Göttin der Hölle (1995), and the controversial Führer's Der Totale Krieg (1996). The first Lanz cover that was released by a label, became Incinerator: The New Church (2010). I will hopefully continue collaborate with him for a very long time.

After I had started in Liar Of Golgotha, I designed only one cover (Promo 1997). I did several other works of 'art' that were featured on flyers or on clothing (like the vampire and the inverted cross, both made in 1996). In 2009 I reworked the old cover art of the debut album Dancing through the Palace of the Ungodly Beauty for a re-release by ShivaRage (formerly Shivadarshana Records), but until this day the release has not seen the light.

Moving around in a small underground circle at the time, I was a regular visitor of venue Baroeg in Rotterdam. I was asked to design the cover for a parody black metal band, mocking no-production-values and no-talent-available releases that were shat out by labels at the time. Baroeg programmer Rene Veerkamp had recorded some 'songs' that needed an album cover. The band was N.E.S.L.O.S., acronym for "not even Satan likes our shit", and a shitting mountain goat felt utterly appropriate.

My collaboration with Israthoum spans from the time I joined the band 'till I quit the band, and further down the line, during my time outside of the band... This band will probably remain a red thread through my life. I did most of the early covers, but I will only show a few of them here. The first one is The Art of Malice (2002), which was little work for me, using a photograph as a cover, but was an awful lot of fun shooting. The other one is Monument of Brimstone (both the S.A.R.S. release of 2008 and the Spikefarm release of 2009, different because of (c) problems with the original design), which featured none of my 'talents' as a guitarist.

Another band I helped out was Delinquentes Infernae, who had already asked me to design the logo. For the 2010 release Ontkerstening I was given specific instructions on how it should look and what elements I had to use. I find that a pleasant way to work. I could have never come up with Lady Justice holding the head of Jesus Christ!

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