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Adonai (2006-2007)

Adonai - Eternal Winter Eternal Winter

demo CD 2007

1: Eternal Winter
2: The Great White Kingdom
3: Gods hoer
4: Maan van onheil
5: Rise of the Fallen Angel

Tarrel (guitars)
Klaeghplaegh (guitars)
- other alias: Grafschenner
Angst (drums)
- other alias: Aidswees
Haatzaaier (vocals)

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Adonai Sathanas (2007+)

Adonai Sathanas - Gods hoer (promo 2007) Gods hoer (Promo 2007)

demo CD 2007

1: Gods hoer
2: Gods hoer (instrumental)

line-up on release unknown

Adonai Sathanas - Live at Ukien Kampen Live at Ukien Kampen

live DVD 2007

1: Eternal Winter
2: Great White Kingdom
3: Maan van onheil
4: Rise of the Fallen Angel
5: Gods hoer

line-up on release unknown

Adonai Sathanas - Maan van onheil Maan van onheil

demo CD 2008

1: Intro
2: Maan van onheil
3: Rise of the Fallen Angel
4: Gods hoer
5: De zwarte oorlog
6: Het Gronings ontzet
7: Black Metal against the World
8: Outro
9: Eternal Winter (bonus track)

Haatzaaier (vocals)
Klaeghplaegh (guitars)
Angst (drums)

Adonai Sathanas - De duistere eeuwen De duistere eeuwen

7" EP 2009 by Salute Records / Wolfsvuur Records

1: Radbraker
2: Pest (De zwarte dood)
3: Morgenster
4: In het holst van de nacht

line-up on release unknown


split TAPE 2010: Yaotzin / Adonai Sathanas / Nord by Zwaertgevegt

3: Pest (De zwarte dood)
4: Satan My Master
- Bathory cover

line-up on release unknown

Review: First up are two rehearsal tracks by Yaotzin - the band that impressed me with the debut mini-CD Heaven Burning Bleeding. But Yaotzin turned out to be the kind of band that released every rehearsal or recording they ever did, resulting in a long list of more-of-the-same, totally pushing me towards avoidance. Don’t get me wrong, a track like The Incarnation of Satan is worthy stuff but really deserves a fierce studio production, and not a second rate rehearsal sound. The Mayhem covers Freezing Moon and Deathcrush are okay, and they probably work really well live or as a well-produced cover. However, I’m not waiting for a rehearsal of these songs, other than by an early Mayhem line-up.

Adonai Sathanas has chosen a very weird sound for its vocals. While the instruments are sounding pretty decent - although I suspect them being a rehearsal - the vocals are weirdly balanced above the music, with a sound that immediately brings to mind a microphone stand in a shower. The Bathory cover Satan My Master is enjoyable, and the vocals seem to be a little more balanced here.

Nord offers very low-fi black metal, starting after a keyboard-intro that would have sounded too ramshackle even in 1990-1992... The black metal needs a few moments to warm up, but there are some moody riffs on Waar ooit leven was worth listening to. The drums are totally ignorable though, and sound like my own teenage-experiments in the early 1990s. Conclusion: intro and outro should have been skipped.

Source: NLBMe exclusive, March 2018.

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