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Apocrypha (2002+)

Imminent Damnation

demo CD 2003

1: Abandoned Imprisonment
2: Faded
3: Suspended Animation
4: Genocide
5: Burial Sacrificial Disbelief

Jasper (drums)
Bart van Bussel (guitars)
Rudi (keyboards, vocals)
Giel (bass)
Gilles (vocals)

Apocrypha - The Summit of Creation The Summit of Creation

demo CD 2007

1: The Summit of Creation
2: Baian kara ula
3: Brittle Soul Lost
4: Attempting to Unify Chaos
5: Rejoicing the Utter Black Bittterness
6: Withering Scorn Collision
7: All Shall Perish
8: Conviction

Bart van Bussel (guitars)
Rudi (synthesizers, clean vocals)
Baxy (bass)
Jasper (drums)
Manoloxx (vocals)

Review: Don't get me wrong: these are musicians that can play their instruments, know how to create a solid structure suitable for atmospheric black metal. The production they use on The Summit of Creation is very well balanced and shows all the guitars, the keyboard melodies, the growling black metal vocals, some decent clean vocals. It contains clearly audible drums and has enough diversity to attract an audience. But it's the same audience that is generally deeply moved by bands like Dimmu Borgir, Old Man's Child, Cradle Of Filth, and mainly skim the high-profile surface of black metal scene. The audience that turns to Gorgoroth releases - Gaahl era - when needing that rebellious 'underground' feeling. It's so not an audience I feel a part of, which makes me reject the songs I hear, despite the catchy hooks and well-played tunes. Perhaps someone will find this a 'nice' trip back to 1998 - more or less the years of summit of atmospheric black metal creation - but that's not me...

Source: NLBMe exclusive, January 2018.