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Asgrauw (2010+)

Asgrauw - Promo 2012 Promo 2012

demo CD 2012

1: Avaritia
2: Invidia
3: Ira

Kaos (bass, vocals)
- alias of Ward Theunissen
Takk (drums)
- alias of René Keppels
Vaal (guitars, vocals)
- alias of Dyon Croymans

Review: Asgrauw is a young band from Groesbeek who made their debut promo available on the internet. Of course this was a good opportunity to add something to my website. According to the biography that came with the promo the band had carved out its own style within black metal, but sadly this is a bit of an overstatement. The sound of the promo is disappointing, lacking a certain bite of the essential harshness and coldness in both guitar and drums, something the vocals slightly compensate for; certainly when looking at the band's inspirations, Darkthrone, Urgehal, Satanic Warmaster, and Horna. The riffs are melodic, and really not bad at all most of the time, but they fail to connect due to the production, reducing them to background music instead of songs that should punch you in the face. But again, it's a debut release, so it's hard to tell from this where the band wants to go. There certainly is room to grow.

Source: NLBMe exclusive, December 2014.

Asgrauw - Schijngestalten Schijngestalten

demo CD 2014

1: De ondergang
2: Ira
3: Maan boven de heuvels
4: Schimmenwereld
5: Luxuria
6: Uit grauwe as ontstaan
7: Avaritia
8: Wanneer de schemering valt

Kaos (bass, vocals)
Vaal (guitars, vocals)
Batr (drums, keyboards)
- alias of Floris Velthuis