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Black Command (2012+)

Black Command - Demo 2013 Demo 2013

TAPE 2013 by Zwaertgevegt

1: Intro
2: Terrorist
3: Light Within
4: Fire
5: Yaltabaoth
6: Chaos King

Kommando Werewolf (guitars, bass, backing vocals)
Hell Rebel (vocals, drum programming, bass)

Review: Black Command sounds like a bestial black metal band, but I’m not sure this is not just the really weird production playing tricks on me. The drum patterns are barely audible and the guitar somehow sounds both distant and maxed-out. The vocals are really at their maximum and are somewhere in between grunts and screams. All riffs, it seems, are played on repeat and are not even distinguishable in between songs. Sure they are different, but somehow Black Command tricks me into believing they are not! Despite the risk of being wrong, this probably appeals most to the bestial crowd...

Source: NLBMe exclusive, February 2018.

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