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Botulistum (1998+)

Botulistum - Promo Hongerend vuur promo '98

promo TAPE 1998

1: In de naam der gekloven hoef
2: Bloed stroomt rijkelijk
3: Wederopstanding der veenlijken
4: Horizon van bloedstaken
5: In de hellekrochten der duisternis
6: Hongerend vuur

Nachtraaf (guitars, drums)
- alias of Jim Dokter
Botmuyl (vocals)
- alias of Maarten Brugman

Botulistum - Wederopstanding der veenlijken Wederopstanding der veenlijken

demo TAPE 1999

1: Intro (Wederopstanding der veenlijken)
2: Dwalend door een galgendal
3: Den martelkelder
4: Een mantel van pelgrimslijken
5: Botulistum
6: Haat
7: Het monster van de zompige vlakten (Beowulf)
8: Horizon van bloedstaken
- from Hongerend vuur promo '98
9: Horizon van bloedstaken (live)
10: Outro (Terugkeer naar de veenplaggen)

Veenlijk Nachtraaf (guitars, drum programming)
Veenlijk Botmuyl (vocals, violin)


split TAPE 2000: Christfighter / Botulistum by Impaler Of Trendies Productions

1: Luchtalarm
2: Mieke had een lammetje
3: De ontknaping van Jezus
4: Moord en pootslag
5: Schedelentroon (live)
6: Masturbatie op de lijkwade van Jezus Christus (live)
7: Wederopstanding der veenlijken (live)
8: Horizon van bloedstaken (live)
9: Sacrilegieuze heiligschennende godslasterende blasfemiën in de naam van de gekloven hoef (live)

Veenlijk Nachtraaf (guitars, drum programming)
Veenlijk Botmuyl (vocals)

Botulistum - Acts of Excrement Terrorism... on the Holy Trinity Acts of Excrement Terrorism... on the Holy Trinity

split SINGLE 2003: Botulistum / Domini Inferi by New Era Productions

1: Mergzuigende veenpulker

Botulistum - Pestilential Terror Pestilential Terror

live demo TAPE 2004 by Pestilence Records

1: Pestilential Terror

Botulistum - Pestilential Terror Pestilential Terror

compilation CD 2004

Contains: Pestilential Terror
Contains: Acts of Excrement Terrorism... on the Holy Trinity

Botulistum / Göl - Split Split

split CD 2013 by Dying Sun Records

1: De geplande miskraam
2: Door de dood bepoteld

S (vocals)
N (guitars, drums)
B (vocals)

Review: The Dutch label Dying Sun Records released a split CD which I found an exceptionally pleasant surprise. I knew of the plans in advance, but when I finally received the CD I was pleased to see that they had been carried out without compromise, and that - as promised - all the material was fresh instead of gathering (old) rehearsals or pimped demo material. Botulistum and Göll - both bands that have been around quite a few years now, although on an irregular basis - are the two Dutch artists that show their ritual black arts on this proper split album. I'll discuss them as they come along.

On Botulistum... "De geplande miskraam" and "Door de dood bepoteld" are the two tracks that finally shows Botulistum's demented plague-ridden face once again, other than with an elaborate band on a stage in a town near or far from you. Unlike much of the other material I have, this is a effectively well produced studio product, although many people might still typify it as being unworthy of studio quality (well, they can go fuck themselves, to quote the band). Great pounding drums, a good guitar sound, uncountable layers of vocal eruptions of alternating style and volume, combined in a track of 5+ in length and one of 16+ minutes. People that know Botulistum from their live antics will probably think of the second track as being representative of the band today. I think, this sounds way better than live! A modern and faster Abruptum meets the old screamy Sore Throat, with a few lost violins and 'ambient' sounds thrown in at intervals, is how I would descibe the band; a more chaotic and crowdy Satanic Blood - to keep the parallell within the Dutch borders. Most likely, a lot of people cannot handle the chaos, but since their early demos, Botulistum can refer to me as one of its fans.

On Göll... This is a small band with only a modest discography. Both their demo and their earlier split CD were filled with dark black metal, which always was stylistically a bit offbeat. For this split album BR and AW (both long time participants of the Dutch black metal scene) made sure to get it even darker and more wayward than in the past. To my surprise, the products of Botulistum and Göll ended up not that far apart from eachother, which works as an advantage for both. It makes Botulistum a better fitting odd man out in black metal, and Göll a more interesting producer of extreme avantgarde black metal. Göll's drums are cool, the riffs are direct and old school (I even hear hints of Emperor pass my ears, but most of it reminds me a bit of my days in Funeral Winds), the atmospheric sounds that pop up now and then are integrated well. The vocals are maniacal and over the top, and get a definite thumbs up. After having looked back at Göll's old material, it is clear this band has managed to show their best material to date.

To conclude, this CD sounds very good (certainly for this type of music) and looks well taken care of, and - after having looked around at Dying Sun online - this label might be a really good source for many people that are into untypical, interesting releases. It has earned my full respect.

Source: NLBMe exclusive, December 2013.

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