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Brandhaard (2003+)

Brandhaard - Heidens Nederland Heidens Nederland

demo CD 2005

1: Grimmig en verlaten
2: Heidens Nederland
3: Dodenmachten
4: De nevelstilte

Brandhaard - Een half jaar razernij Een half jaar razernij

demo CD 2005

1: Alleen stervend in de nacht
2: Heidens Nederland
3: Grimmig en verlaten
4: Dodenmachten
5: Knokkelman
- Carpathian Forest cover
6: Vloek van Wodan
7: Nevelstilte

Brandhaard - Live Live

demo DVD 2005

1: Xinix on 12 -11-2005 in Nieuwendijk
2: Elektra in Sliedrecht on 3-12-2005

Brandhaard - Brandhaard Brandhaard

demo CD 2006

1: Suicide Paranoia
2: Alleen stervend in de nacht
3: Heidens Nederland
4: Heks van Bijlandt
5: Fire
6: Grimmig en verlaten
7: Dodenmachten

Brandhaard - Roest op de heidenziel Roest op de heidenziel

rehearsal demo CD 2006

1: Kerkbrand
2: Roest
3: Fire
4: Ragnarok
5: A Cold Night in the Woods

Brandhaard - Live in Midgard Live in Midgard

live demo CD 2007

1: Intro
2: Roest
3: Alleen stervend in de nacht
4: A Cold Night in the Woods
5: Kerkbrand
6: Wintersage
7: Fire
8: Wolveshead
9: Dodenmachten
10: Outro

Brandhaard - 3 jaar razernij 3 jaar razernij

live demo DVD 2007

1: Alleen stervend in de nacht
2: Wolveshead
3: Fire
4: Grimmig en verlaten
5: Dodenmachten
6: Suicide Paranoia
7: A Cold Night in the Woods
8: Ragnarok
9: God Shave the Queen
10: Heidens Nederland
11: Kerkbrand
12: Wintersage
13: De nevelstilte
14: Roest

Brandhaard - Wolveshead Wolveshead

TAPE 2011 by Zwaertgevegt

1: Wolves Head
2: Zibanitum
3: War
4: Roest
5: Truth Monopoly
6: Gevangen in waanzin
7: Razernij

Review: Brandhaard creates the kind of black metal that reminds me of both Swedish and Dutch bands. The latter are represented by bands like Martyr, Warlust, (older) Sauron and (older) Yaotzin. The Swedish are perhaps older Marduk and Dark Funeral, but since the sound is more muffled and less reverbed, it doesn’t really sound Swedish. The songs are not always captivating - certainly the long stretches devoid of vocals - but they are not bad at all. It’s clear there’s a band that doesn’t want to be clustered in with bands that avoid song structure and only go for repetition. To be honest, it’s not a release I’d listen to a lot, and it’s something to do with the sound, which sounds black metal, but misses the bite of a somewhat better production, and sometimes comes too close to a rehearsal recording. If it is a rehearsal, on the other hand, it’s probably one of the better-sounding ones around.

Source: NLBMe exclusive, July 2018.

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