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Charagnanna (1989-2015)

Reh. Demo 1989

demo TAPE 1989

1: The Trees of Darkness

Charagnanna (everything)
- alias of Maurits de Rooij

Charagnanna - Charagnanna's Land

Charagnanna - Charagnanna's Land

Charagnanna's Land

demo TAPE 1992
re-release TAPE 2017
by Tenebrae Sumus Records

1: Tormentor
2: Nunraper
3: The Wrath of Satan

bonus on re-release:
4: Crawling Chaos
5: The Fallen Armours of Crimson Glory
6: Tormentor

Charagnanna (everything)

Charagnanna - Conjuration of the Wicked Conjuration of the Wicked

demo TAPE 1993

1: Emptiness
2: Zyklon B
3: Christ Devourer
4: And Here I Suffer Alone

Charagnanna (everything)

Dark Tunes from the Netherworld

demo TAPE 1995

1: Dark Tunes from the Netherworld

Charagnanna (everything)

Charagnanna - Enchantress of the Seventh Night Enchantress of the Seventh Night

TAPE 1995 by Bitterness Productions

1: Enchantress of the Seventh Night
2: Dance of the Wicked
3: Portal 666

Charagnanna (everything)

Charagnanna - Promo 1997 Promo 1997

TAPE 1997 by Bitterness Productions

1: Charagnanna (Intro)
2: Another Place
3: Alone...
4: Darkness
5: Charagnanna (Outro)

Charagnanna (everything)

Charagnanna - The Serpent's Eye

Charagnanna - The Serpent's Eye

The Serpent's Eye

TAPE 1998 by Bitterness Productions (limited to 666 copies)
re-release TAPE 2001
by Bitterness Productions

1: Departing to a Destiny Unknown
2: The Serpent's Eye
3: Pan's March
4: The Fog Surrounds My Dark Castle
5: The Serpent's Eye II
6: Thy Demonic Gates
7: The Forgotten Lands of Solitude
8: Shrouded in Moonmist
9: When the Sun Sets

10: Bonus track - re-release bonus track

Charagnanna (everything)

Promo 2007

demo CD 2007

1: I'll Z.I.N.
2: It's Time to Let Go

Charagnanna (everything)


demo CD 2007

1: A.R.A.M.A.
2: Why Do I Hurt You So Much?
3: Your Love Tastes Like Water
4: Je tranen op mijn wonden
5: De heldere leugen
6: Fading

Charagnanna (everything)

Charagnanna - The Ancient Scrolls Re-Written The Ancient Scrolls Re-Written

demo CD 2015

1: The Downfall of Christ - Sabbatical Goat cover
2: The Black Dance
- Sabbatical Goat cover
3: Infernal War
- Sabbatical Goat cover
4: Never Ending Veil of Night
- Sabbatical Goat cover
5: Satan's gebroed
- Sabbatical Goat cover
6: Our Dark Lord
- Sabbatical Goat cover
7: The Trees of Darkness
8: Tormentor
9: The Fallen Armours of Crimson Glory

Charagnanna (everything)

Reviews: Charagnanna has been busy with music since a very very long time, and with this album he revisits several of the things he did in the past, but newly recorded. This features re-recorded tracks of Sabbatical Goat - the first six songs - and solo-project Charagnanna - the last three - both officially laid to rest, as noted in the accompanying booklet. The music is a mix of black metal (major ingredient) and thrash metal, melodic metal, death metal, and atmospheric passages. The production is quite satisfying, offering a sound that - by life - Sabbatical Goat never achieved, as far as I know. It’s thick and heavy but still black in essence... Despite these songs were originally products of two entirely different outfits, they fit very well together in this rewritten form. People that know Charagnanna for its keyboard-demos only, will discover a different face of the band. It’s up to them to judge that fact themselves.

Source: NLBMe exclusive, March 2018.