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Coldeemstorft (2004+)

Coldeemstorft - Invasie Invasie

TAPE 2014 by NLBMe Management

1: De invasie komt
2: Een uit velen

Embernach (bass, backing vocals)
V Xul (guitars, vocals)
- alias of Vincent Meelhuysen

Review: It feels strange to review one's own release, but why shouldn't I have the right to look at my own stuff with a critical and more objective eye?! Because I am still very pleased with the end result and I can listen to it several times in a row, I released it on my own label, and -well- since it's basically a child o' mine, I will not fail it either. But I have to be honest: it is a demo recording and demo's are not meant to be perfect. They mean to capture a band's spirit, the right of its existence in a crowded scene. In the case of Invasie that's odd old school black metal with lots of dissonant chords and slightly different measures. The two uptempo songs sound harsh and cold, but not as raw as other bands might bring this, and it's back to basics: programmed drums, one distorted bass, one distorted guitar, and audible black metal vocals with a healthy dose of reverb. We felt that after nearly 10 years of existence and writing material we had to either quit or show the world what we are about. Invasie is our first step into the open.

Source: NLBMe exclusive, May 2014.