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Conspiracy (1988-1990, 1993-1995, 2005+)

Conspiracy - Reincarnated Reincarnated

CD 2006 by Pulverised Records

1: Virgin's Blood
2: Reincarnated
3: United in Hate
4: Demonic Harmonies
5: Carpathian
6: Funerary #1
7: Collapse into the WWIII
8: Brothers of Black Metal

Al Hazred (instruments, vocals)
- other alias: Carpathian Wolf

Review: Listening to Reincarnated for the first time is like stepping in a familiar warm black metal bath, with lots of Swedish elements and a production that's not bad for this kind of (subsub)style and musical skills that are pretty good; Al Hazred has a history in Melechesh so that's not too difficult to understand. Looking at the cover I had expected a lot more death metal influences, to be honest, but luckily this was not the case (a bit of thrash there is though)... However, the bath is only lukewarm. After listening to the promo CD the first time around 2006, I filed it in my "Dutch black metal" archives to (almost) never listen to again. Surely, that's not a good sign! For this review I pulled it out once more and rediscovered all the things I had heard the first time, including the fact that it failed to pull me in and left no impression at all. Moody parts are just melodic, aggressive parts are just fast, and the guitar solo's are only just there; it's possibly too well rehearsed and it lacks spontaneity. Sure, I have heard worse things, but some of those I still remember all too well. This I had pretty much forgotten...

Source: NLBMe exclusive, October 2014.

Conspiracy - Concordat Concordat

CD 2009 by Pulverised Records

1: Mentally Ill God
2: Die in Style
3: Concordat (Conquerdate)
4: Terrorized into Submission
5: Faith
6: Limited to 666
7: Courage
8: The Last Veteran

Al Hazred (instruments, vocals)

Conspiracy - Irremediable Irremediable

CD 2010 by Pulverised Records

1: Nocturnal Hunters
2: Ouverture
3: Black Mass
4: End of Religion
5: Pentagram
6: The Invocation of Hecate
7: Irremediable
8: The Hag
9: Armageddon Broke
10: A Dream of Fear
11: Carpathian Sunset
12: Bukovina

Al Hazred (instruments, vocals)