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Corpusculum (1991-1993, 2012+)

Corpusculum - Saducismus triumphatus Saducismus triumphatus

demo TAPE 1991

1: Prophency acatholicus
2: Saducismus triumphatus
3: Insania dementia
4: Vinum sabbatti
5: Invocation Astaroth
6: Anubis osculum
7: Grangredine consumptus
8: In articulo

Line-up is unknown

Review: I know that I have to view this as being 'cult' and proto-Second Wave black metal - including the choice of the Old World font logo on a black and white Goya cover - because it's one of the earliest examples of raw Dutch black metal out there. But honestly, there is nothing attracting about this release apart from that. The sound is of a terrible quality, which turns all instruments into distorted static. I have no idea how this came into being, but if it was deliberate, it was definitely a bad choice. Surely there were better ways to turn this into the anti-music it seems to be portraying, without sacrificing all musicianship in the process. Early or not, this is not at the top of my playlist.

Source: NLBMe exclusive, February 2019.

Corpusculum - Echidna Echidna

demo split TAPE 1992: Corpusculum / Satanic Death

1: Intro (Into Chaos)
2: Extasis dei mundus
3: Verpus
4: Zabulus vultus
5: Occultus
6: Echidna dei mortis

Sarcoom (drums)
Insane (guitars)
Feretrum (guitars, backing vocals)
Consanguineus (vocals, bass)
- other alias: Gabares

Corpusculum - Obscurus insinuare Obscurus insinuare

demo TAPE 1993

1: Whore of Gomorha
2: Extasis die mundus
3: Verpus
4: Tomb of Ligeia
5: Zabulus vultus
6: Occultus
7: O, Fortuna
8: Echidna die mortis
9: Whore of Sodom

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