Morningfall (1998-2004)

Rehearsal Tape

rehearsal demo 1999

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Demalion (2004-????)

Demalion - The Draining af a Thousand Souls The Draining of a Thousand Souls

demo CD 2004

1: Break of the Morning Fall
2: Draining of a Thousand Souls
3: Desolated World of the Lycantrope

Review: Demalion (formerly known as Morningfall) comes from Gouda and plays melodic black metal mixed with doom metal like that brought to us by Officium Triste and Kurb Saatus. Although it sometimes souds a bit empty (the sound is okay, but I think a heavy second rhythm guitar would have made a huge difference on occasions) the three songs are well composed and pretty entertaining. Demalion still has a bit of evolution to go though, and I think they will have grown significantly on a new release. At least they have the craftmanship to do just that. Not the best I guess, but a decent effort.

Source: Black Art Magazine #10, 2009 (written ca. 2006).

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